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APK is the file format used to distribute and install software on Android. APK stands for "Application Package File".

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Will gingerbread system apk apps upgrade over froyo's?

On my froyo , I just found several apk files of gallery, FMradio, etc etc inside "/" directory using filemanager.. I was wondering if gingerbread's system apps can be used to "upgrade" over these ...
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Amazon App Store - Location of the downloaded APK

Where does this app store save the downloaded APK file? I have a problem where certain apps will only install when the sdcard is unmounted. The Amazon App store needs sdcard to be mounted
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Read APK permission by shell command

I want to read the requested permissions of an .apk file on the computer (android sdk is installed) via command line. I.E.: $ android read-permissions /path/to/someapp.apk I know this is possible, ...
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Why is "insufficient storage" wrongly reported when installing an .apk via adb? [duplicate]

I have an HTC Desire running Froyo. It is not rooted, nor have I installed any custom ROM. I get an "Insufficient Storage" error when I'm trying to install an app via adb/eclipse. The .apk is only ...
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Can I get .apk file of an installed app?

I have deployed my apps .apk file on a Qualcomm device. Now due to my bad luck my laptop on which this app was developed got stolen.So i do not have my app code with me. However i have the device on ...
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How can I verify the authenticity of an APK file I downloaded?

The latest update of Google Maps is unavailable in my country, so I downloaded a version by googling for "Google Maps 5.4.0 apk". I did in fact find it, but now I wonder how I can tell if this is in ...
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Install APK from external_sd

I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure this out. I've read that you can copy an APK file to the SD card and use the browser to activate the installer to install it with this: file:///sdcard/yourApp....
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Is copying an .apk into /{system, data}/app sufficient to install an Android application?

If not, what else is done under the covers? Also, what are the differences when installing applications From the android market sideloaded from web download sideloaded using adb install sideloaded ...
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Android ASTRO Cannot Locate Download Directory

I have placed apk in download directory. I have also downloaded from web into download directory, but ASTRO does not seem to see this directory. In Astro I see / etc lib data (empty) and sd (empty)....
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Install .apk on android phone [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I install an app given only its APK file? First, as I understand, if I do not have the SD card slot on Android phone (e.g. Samsung Nexus S), the only way that I can ...
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How to install an APK on an Android Tablet PC?

I had one normal Android apk. It is working fine on my Android mobile. Now I want to install the same .apk on an Android tablet PC; is it possible? If possible, how can I install it?
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How can I install an app given only its APK file?

I downloaded the APK file for an app to my PC. How can I install it on my phone?
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Copying apk's from phone to tablet

I have a Marketless tablet (Coby Kyros), and I bought a Samsung Captivate (AT&T). Will I be able to copy the apk's I download from the phone into the tablet?
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How can i transfer APK files from my old SD card to a new micro SD card?

I just bought a 32GB micro SD card to replace my 8GB micro SD card for my x10. I have some apps that I've downloaded online (paid APK) and not from the market. They are currently stored in my 8GB ...
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Where are the .apk files of currently installed apps stored on my Android device? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where in the file system are applications installed? How can I view the .apk files of currenly installed apps on my android phone?
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Why do I get "not enough space" when I copy an APK file to /system/app?

I recently rooted my HTC Desire Bravo because I needed read/write access to /system/app in order to be able to copy an APK file there. I wrote here on stackexchange on the best solution to root the ...
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How to install APK files on SDCARD?

I have samsung galaxy 3 (I5801). I have downloaded many APK files from internet. I have no problem in installing APK files. By default when APK file is selected it installs itself to phone memory. I ...
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Android - how to install apk from SD card

Is it possible to install an app to an Android phone from an SD card? To install it without a data connection, the marketplace, or using ADB? I've tried searching for this but no luck so far.
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What does APK stand for? What is the internal format?

Is APK an abbreviation for Android Package Kit? What about the file itself? Is it an archive such as ZIP where during install the installer extracts and copies the files onto the file system?
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How do I properly install a system app given its .apk?

I removed a system app ( and I have the .apk needed to restore it, however it won't install through the standard channels (running the .apk gives me "application not installed"). What'...
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