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15 votes
7 answers

Link to app will not open in Google Play

I am using the URI format<package_name> described in Linking to Your Apps on Google Play in order to open the app in Android Market or Google Play ...
8 votes
2 answers

How to disable redirects from Google Search results to Android apps?

I had the Wikipedia app installed a few weeks ago. It lacked the ability to switch between different languages (link to read the same article in a different language), and it still does. This bothered ...
1 vote
0 answers

Icon pointing to app upgraded through Play Store no longer works. What's up with that?

Sometimes when an app is upgraded through the Play Store, the icon for it in the launcher no longer points to the app. Other times, it works fine. What's up with that? Seems totally random for ...
4 votes
2 answers

How to hide updates from market? (Given Titanium backup "detach from market" doesn't work)

I have an app that a recent update has removed functionality, so I would like to make the market think I no longer have this app so it'll stop trying to update it and I can safely use the "update all" ...
2 votes
1 answer

What happens in background when an app is linked or unlinked to/from Play Store?

If you are rooted, you can use Titanium Backup to link or unlink an app to/from Play Store. What does Titanium Backup do for it? I don't think Android API supports this directly. It alters a file or ...