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Can I make Google Play show me ALL reviews for an app?

Google Play on the phone has for long been showing me reviews for the country I reside, which many times aren't really helpful, or sometimes there is simply no review at all to show, for my country. I ...
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Cannot rate some installed apps on Google Play Store

It looks like I can rate some apps on Google Play store and cannot for some other ones while both are installed on my smartphone. Here are two examples. InShot app is installed on my phone. But, ...
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Is it allowed to offer incentives for 5 star ratings on the Google Play app store?

I started using an Android app that is offering in-app incentives (unlocks) in return for 5 star ratings on the Google Play app store. Is this against Google Play's terms of service?
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Cannot rate apps on Google Play

I just found out I cannot rate apps on Google play. Any app. And yes, I have them installed. But the rating 5 stars or 'Rate' button are missing. Am I missing something? Anyone else experiencing the ...
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If an inappropriate review is removed by Google Play, is its associated rating also deleted? [closed]

Say a user leaves a hateful review on an app with a ★☆☆☆☆ rating. If the developer reports it as inappropriate, Google may remove it as explained here. Does this only hide the review message, or is ...
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Non google-playstore based community android-app rating website

Is there any comunity based android-app rating web site where the app-popularity is not based on google-playstore? The sites i found so far either indirectly uses google-playstore-ranking or some ...
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How to disable all "please rate our app" dialogues?

I use a lot of different apps, and many of them prompt me to rate them in the Play Store. Some of them don't have a "never" button, so they keep bugging me. Some of them don't realize it even if I've ...
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Rating an App in Android TV

I've been searching around for any official docs and some 3rd party sites but I can't find a way to rate an app via the Android TV itself, without installing a 3rd party browser app to browse Google ...
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How do I know 360 Security antivirus app really works?

I have an Alcatel one touch fiercexl & 360 Security is the antivirus/cleaner app I have. I'm not entirely sure it even works like it says it should. Aft I use it & leave the app, and then go ...
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How can I view only one star ratings in Google Play Store?

I find it quite annoying that there is no easy way to sort the reviews of an Android app: - neither can I search for certain keywords that may appear in a review. - nor can I change the sort order, i....
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remove or undo rating google playstore review

due to privacy reasons - How do I remove a rating I put from the Android app in the Google play store? I just realized people can see more of info and do not want that. I can't find where to undo my ...
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Where can I see all my +1 and app ratings?

Where can I see all my +1 and app ratings?
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Google Play UI language vs review language - what's happening here?

I'm Polish, in Poland, but use English for the interface. I posted a review on a Polish app (in Polish, of course)... and it's not visible to people with Polish UI language selected. I've tried ...
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Where I can find my own Google+ Play reviews and ratings?

I know that now Google Play reviews and ratings are connected with my Google+ account and my name. But where exactly I can find list of my own reviews and ratings Google Play apps?
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Google Play allows publishers to respond to users' comments?

As far as I have known, and also read in the description of many apps on Google Play, it is not possible for publishers to respond to user's comments, but recently I have come across this: Can ...
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App site with reliable ratings + comments?

While Android Enthusiasts is nice, it's still a very small site. I need to find some applications for Android smartphones, and was wondering where people went for ratings + reliable comments from ...
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Does installing and re-installing my own app affect my app's rating/ranking? [closed]

I just released my first app not too long ago. To test it in the Play store, I installed my own app. After discovering some bugs, I uninstalled it, and installed the one I would code to fix from ...
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How can I see a list of my unrated apps?

It's important to me to provide feedback on the apps I use. However, I don't remember which apps I already rated, and I find myself checking my apps one by one to find the ones I haven't rated yet. ...
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3 answers

Where to modify the pseudonym used to rate Android apps?

I am currently rating android applications that I downloaded with the username firstname.lastname where firstname and lastname are mine. However, I would like to put a pseudonym on it because my real ...
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App ratings adjusted for numbers of votes?

Rankings of apps by rating are typically useless because the app ratings are not adjusted for numbers of votes, and therefore the top of the ranking is invariably saturated with many screenfuls of 5-...
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5 answers

How do I remove a review I've written from the Android Market app?

How do I delete a review that I have written from the Android Market? Somewhere in Google's issue tracking software someone has raised this issue (I've lost the link, sorry), and the answer given was ...
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How to rate in Market on Honeycomb tablet? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I rate an app in Honeycomb? I own Asus Transformer TF-101 Android tablet, running Honeycomb 3.2. I cannot figure out how to rate installed applications in the Market. ...
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2 answers

Searching and filtering Android Market app reviews

There seems to be no way of filtering or searching the app reviews in Android Market. This is a problem because it's usually the low-scored reviews that are most useful - they give an idea about what ...
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2 answers

How anonymous are ratings/reviews in the Android Market?

I can see from reviews other people have given to apps in the market that at the very least your account name is made public. However, I was wondering: Is that the only thing made public? If I only ...
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How can I rate an app in Honeycomb?

Seems like I can't find out how to do the basics on my Honeycomb tablet. How do you rate an app in the Market?
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20 votes
2 answers

How are the Android Market ratings (stars) calculated?

I was looking at the reviews for an application which was rated as 3.5 stars in the summary. From reading the reviews, there were few 5's a lot of 1's and very little in between. My "gorilla math" ...
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What is the best way to provide feedback to an app's developers and request a feature?

Following on from an earlier question that I posed on how to free up space on my Android phone it became clear that a key issue is to request that more developers allow their applications to be moved ...
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3 answers

How do I add comments to an app in the Market?

Apps in the market have a lot of comments and reviews. How do I add my own rating and comment to these?
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