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Why do I have Aptoide app installed, and why do update to apps that I didn't install shown on there?

I found this “Aptoide” app on my Samsung Galaxy A5 the other day but I certainly don’t recall downloading it. I opened it up and somehow got to the updates section. It showed me available updates for ...
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Can I trust apps downloaded from Aptoide? [duplicate]

I just downloaded an app from Aptoide that is supposed to allow Screen Off Writing. After installing, it was anything but that. How much checking does Aptoide do on apps? Can I trust the apps I get ...
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Which has viruses? Aptoide, or the apps that come with it?

I have heard many things about Aptoide and without any money, I am desperate to get FNAF 2. But my desperation still makes me ask "Which has the virus? Aptoide, or the apps that it comes with&...
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Why are apps on Aptoide newer than the Play Store?

I have seen many of the usual apps such as YouTube, Facebook, and Google Maps even, that have a newer version in Aptoide rather than Google Play Store. How is this possible since Google Maps and ...
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How to report potential abuse in Aptoide without becoming a member?

The Aptoide store is an alternative platform where you can get Android apps. I found an app on the Aptoide store via Google that has a size of 3.3 MB. The same app with the same app version in the F-...
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How safe is it to upgrade apps using Aptoide?

I know that there are issues with using Aptoide to install apps on Android. There's a pretty good discussion about this in this other question. If only regarding legal issues, Aptoide is definitely a ...
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Can't install Aptoide

I'm having this problem since I was trying to upgrade Aptoide from 6.5.X to 7.X. I was trying to upgrade Aptoide from inside Aptoide: Installation failed. I was trying to adb install or pm install it,...
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Aptoide has update for Google Play Store?

Installed Aptoide and noticed that it had some updates on some of the independently installed apps and updated it. But I noticed it had an update for the Google Play store, yet the Google Play Store ...
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How safe is the Aptoide apk?

I was going to install Aptoide, but some of the permissions raised concerns for me. Why does it need my precise location, need to be able to add or remove accounts, create accounts and set passwords, ...
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How safe is it to use Aptoide?

As with the latest update to Google Play one no longer sees the full list of permissions requested by an app on install/update1, I feel my privacy is invaded. Even worse, an app could sneak in ...
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