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Root Archos 101 xs running Android 4.1.1

I just got an Archos 101 xs Tablet from a friend of mine who has asked me to root it. I'ev had it a whole week and can't figure out a proper way to do so. I have tried searching for one-click tools ...
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Archos external USB Keyboard

I recently bought a case for my Archos 101 9G Turbo, which has a built-in USB keyboard, but I can not make it work by simply connecting the usb cable from the keyboard either the micro USB port (with ...
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Is there a way to change the on-screen position of the 'Return' button on my Archos 101?

I have bought an Archos 101 tablet. It doesn't have hard buttons, but in stead, on screen buttons for 'Return', 'Home', 'Menu' and 'Help'. If I hold the tablet in an horizontal position (landscape ...
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