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For questions specific to the ARMv6 architecture.

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If I put mkfs.ext3 file from another Linux system on my android ,will it work?

I want to know if I take the mkfs.ext3 file, or any other mkfs file, from another Linux system like Ubuntu, and put it with my mkfs.vfat and mkfs.ext2 located at /system/xbin, Would it work? And how ...
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Is it possible to get bbciplayer working on an arm v6 device?

Have been playing about flashing modded firmware to an older android device which has an arm v6 processor and have been disappointed in not being able to view any media through bbciplayer either ...
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How can I watch videos from the BBC web site on a device with an ARMv6 processor?

The BBC web site has many pages with videos, e.g. On Android, the page prompts me to install the "BBC Media Player" app, but ...
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Why does my ZTE Score have so much trouble emulating video game consoles + games?

I have an ARM v6 600 MHz revision 5 CPU with 512 MB RAM. The GPU is an Adreno 200 with 245 MHz clock speed. It seems that anything in the 3-D realm, including some 2-D games, have trouble emulating ...
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