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ART (Android RunTime) is an experimental Virtual Machine (VM) added in Android 4.4 (KitKat) as an alternative to the original Dalvik VM. Like Dalvik, it uses .dex files. Unlike Dalvik, it converts .dex files to .oat files on installation. ART is the default VM in the upcoming Android L release.

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Can you change the runtime on an encrypted phone (KitKat)?

Nexus 5 owner here. Basically, I encrypted my phone a while back while on Dalvik Runtime and recently wanted to give ART a try again (to check app compatibility). The problem is that when I set ...
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Is deleting /system/bin/dex2oat file safe?

I was looking into a couple of Android tombstones files of an old Samsung phone running Marshmallow. Found a crash in every single one with the same culprit, dex2oat. From my limited understanding it ...
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Why is ART still needed on Android?

The reason Andy Rubin chose Java for Android Dev is not publicly known, only speculations, but it seems to me that the combination of being able to run a Java app everywhere (because the earliest ...
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Is it possible to run jar files in an android application?

I am a begginer in android and I want to develop an application which show a list of jar files to user and user can choose one of them and run it. Is it possible to run a jar file in an android ...
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Any way to force Android to treat copied pasted images as new?

I have some art apps that only let you choose images from built-in galleries that display images chronologically. I have hundreds/thousands of images on my tablet (organized in folders), especially ...
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How do AOT and JIT work together in Android Nougat and later?

The Android OS was using interp years ago, then they added Just-In-Time (JIT). However, since Android 5.0, they replaced JIT with Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation which increased app installation time ...
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MOTO E 1st Gen From Dalvik to ART : stop and loop

May I first apologize for my english : non-native speaker, some erratic grammar might happen. Si un francophone passe ici, ce sera bien plus facile pour moi ;) I'm NOT skilled in android fix, so be ...
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How Class Lookup happens in Android ART?

As per my understanding of AOT( Ahead of Time ) compilation in ART, dex files are converted into native codes at the time of installation. Does that mean that the dex files are never referred after ...
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Running dex2oat on host computer

I have compiled dex2oat on linux-x86_64 for linux-x86. I can run it just like a normal application. The background is, I have a tool which can generate dex codes and I want to perform some basic ...
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able to use the user-installed app even if we remove the app's odex file

I want to get the answers for the following queries: If I remove the app's odex file from the data/app/packagename/oat/arm64/base.odex , then does it mean that the app will run in the same way as it ...
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Does Android perform cold app startup optimization?

I am trying to measure the time it takes to launch an App (cold startup) on Android. As the official documentation states, that the startup time will be displayed in the logcat: ActivityManager: ...
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Lollipop/ART - how do I manually optimize APK files?

I've asked this question before. After checking out logcat, it seems that the OS is looking for the odex files. I've checked the odex files of other system apps on my ROM, and it turns out they're ELF ...
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How much time it usually takes to switch Android runtime in KitKat?

I have Dell Venue 3830 and I plan to change its runtime from Dalvik to ART. It has Android KitKat 4.4.2. I have 12 gigs of apps. I want to try ART so I want to know how much time it takes to switch ...
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Enabling ART on android

How much time it takes to enable android run time on Nexus 4.4.2 kitkat. I have near 90 apps installed. I start it and screen comes that displays optimizing 1 of 90 apps. After it got completed (all ...
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