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Questions tagged [audible]

Use this tag for questions about the Audible Android app. For audio-related questions, use [audio] instead.

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1 answer

Install a fully functional Audible app on Android older than Android 6.0

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, featuring Android 5.1. However, I cannot install the "Audible" audiobook app via Google Play (no search results). I know that this should work, as I ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Stream Audible audio to DLNA/UPNP speakers

I would like to listen to my Audible audio books on external speakers because the tablet's internal speakers are too weak and headphones are not always practical. In another my post, Stream any audio ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Audible does not download audiobook on mobile data

I'm using Audible for Android, and when I purchased a book, I'm not able to download it over mobile data. I have ensured that background data is enabled both system-wide and for Audible, but Audible ...
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How to troubleshoot Audible App on Android Auto?

Sorry not sure this question is valid on this forum - please let me know, if you like me to remove it. I am new to Android Auto, and I'm trying to get the Audible Application to work with my car. The ...
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Audible app crashing on launch on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

I've just bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max (Fire TV Home Version 6341067.1) running Fire OS (PS7255/2444) and no matter which Audible version I install, it crashes every time I open it. ...
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