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How can I get an audiobook from my PC onto my phone?

Not sure why this is hard. I have an audiobook, which is a folder full of MP3 files on my PC, and I want it to be on my phone local storage in a particular folder. I have it also on Google Drive, ...
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Chose which player is activated by headphones play/pause buttons

I have 3 pairs of Bluetooth headphones: Sony WH-1000xm4 Jabra Elite Active 65t Cardo PacTack bold (motorcycle communicator, works as Bluetooth headset) On my Pixel 5 I have 2 sound players installed:...
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Syncronizing audio and ebook?

So the actual problem that I'm trying to solve is to read books via TTS on my phone and also read the same book as text at the same place. Every ebook reader I've tried that does this sucks in ...
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How to create a file folder for use with Listen Audiobook player

I can't figure out how to use this Listen book player, I've Installed. First I see this. Hitting OK, I see this: I can't understand how to tell it where to find my books. I've downloaded one ...
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I can't find my .nomedia folder or the folder it is in anymore, but the files still seem to be there

I recently followed the advice posted from How do I keep audiobook separate from Google Music? by @Tzunki in order to keep my audiobooks out of Google Play Music. I made a .Audiobooks folder and put ...
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Android Wear Offline use of Audible?

Is there a way to sync Audible audiobooks to Android Wear for offline use in a similar manner to how I can sync Google Play music? I would like to be able to listen to a book while out for a morning ...
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Can't play full audio files

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, not to be confused with a small surf board, and I've run into a new problem this morning. I usually load some smutty audio books (ok, Star Wars audio books) to ...
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Can Android play Audible books to a Sonos system?

I'm considering moving from iPhone to Android in the next couple of months. I'm perfectly happy with the iPhone with one exception - the integration or lack of it between Sonos and Audible apps. So ...
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How do I keep audiobook separate from Google Music?

So every time I add an audiobook to my Nexus7 it automatically put it into google music. And then of course if I'm listening to music I suddenly get part of a story, which is really annoying. I tried ...
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How to stop shuffle playing audiobooks and other non-music?

.nomedia hides it from the player, but I still want to be able to play it. Just not with the rest of my music.
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Wrong length displayed for audio file

So I have an audio book in a single mp3 file that's over 5 hours long. On my computer all players display it's length correctly, however on my phone Smart AudioBook Player and the Play Music app both ...
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SatNav app with Audio Book app [closed]

I'm trying to find a satellite navigation app that works with an audiobook app such that I can listen to the audio book while navigating. When I get a navigation instruction I want the audio book to ...
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B&N Audiobooks on Novel

My wife has a Pandigital Novel and would like to be able to listen to audiobooks from Barnes & Noble. The people at the Barnes & Noble store said this can only be done on a Nook. However, ...
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