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I cannot post answers [migrated]

Reputation points are required to comment, post answers and vote. But reputation points are primarily gained by comments, answers being voted up, and by questions being voted up. These leave the only ...
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Is there any app that can accept incoming calls and play a voice message using Text To Speech?

I used to use an app that could do exactly that. When a person would call, the app would accept the call, enable the loudspeaker, and play a voice message aloud using text-to-speech. Meaning, the app ...
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How to use Tasker to answer a private number, play an audio file to the caller and hang up?

I would like Tasker to answer any private number (without the audio playing through my phone's speaker) and play an audio file (an MP3 that says, "this phone does not accept calls from private numbers"...
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Free / local voicemail / answering machine [closed]

My carrier having pretty high monthly prices for voicemail, I did not take the service. However, when I'm at school, unable to answer, and my busy doctor calls me, knowing I probably won't be able to ...
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answering machine app on Galaxy Note

I want to install an answering machine app on Galaxy Note, didn't find anything interesting in Google. What do you recommend? Or is there such a feature on the phone itself, in settings or somewhere? ...
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Is it possible to have Skype for Android automatically answer calls?

I have this working well for the Skype client on Ubuntu Linux, but I don't see any option to do this in the Android client. I would like to configure the Skype client for Android to automatically ...
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text messages beginning with '!' trigger automated responses?

Whenever I send a text message to my friend with an Android phone (further testing has shown this happens with iPhones as well, though not blackberries) that starts with '!', I get an automated ...
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Can not answer phone after enabling Google Voice

I Have a Sprint Google Nexus S. Was working fine. Enabled Google Voice - set up my account, options, etc. All incoming calls require pressing "1" to answer. This worked for a while. Now, when a ...
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Disabled and need help answering HTC EVO shift with 2.2

I am a disabled guy in a wheelchair with an HTC EVO shift. I need help answering my phone without using my hands. My Motorola phones always had auto answering options but I need that for this super ...
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