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1 answer

If I "swipe down to reject", will caller get a chance to leave voicemail?

A few times a year someone who isn't in my address book might call me, but every day I get several spam/scam calls. So basically anytime I see a plain number, I swipe down to make my phone stop ...
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1 answer

How to fix auto call rejection issue in Android 8.0.0

One of the important number is getting automatically rejected. How can i fix this? Samsung J7 Duos Android 8.0.0 version
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How to block number that ends with specific digits? [duplicate]

I am receiving quite a few unwanted calls (6 yesterday), although I am blocking the numbers and reporting all of them to Ofcom, I would rather simply not get them. All of the phone numbers that are ...
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Missed call notification shown even in auto rejecting or deliberate rejection?

I have a Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 tablet which is updated to the latest version of Android (4.2.2) using the following official ROM from SAMMOBILE. My problem is even when I deliberately reject someone'...
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Autoreject calls via predefined SMS message while away from phone

On my Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo there is a neat feature where when you receive a call you can type on a predefined text message to send. I wonder whether the following scenario can be achieved on ...
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