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Questions tagged [backup-manager]

for issues with "bmgr", a commandline-tool and part of Google's backup system

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6 votes
0 answers

Where does bmgr store the backups when using LocalTransport?

I've successfully triggered a backup using bmgr: $ adb shell bmgr list transports * $ adb shell bmgr transport ...
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0 answers

Help interpreting logcat messages related to BackupManager Restore

Appreciate any help interpreting the following logcat messages from an adb shell bu restore command. 06-11 19:41:35.342 1450 3609 I BackupManagerService: Beginning restore... 06-11 19:41:35.342 ...
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1 vote
1 answer

adb: Restoration of a backup on Acer Icionia 7 fails by error "archive is encrypted but no password given"

Due to some problems with my Acer Iconia 7 tablet (with KitKat 4.4) I decided to perform factory reset. However, because I have there some data that I did not want to lose I created a backup in ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to share the file names of all the files in a folder in Android?

It is being surprisingly hard to achieve. I've tried so far: Download file manager apps from Google Play. Unfortunately, "share" shares the files, not the file names. None of them had a option like ...
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Pushing a directory of code to GitHub from Android

I have a directory structure containing code on my Android phone. I would like to push the code to GitHub. I have downloaded the FastHub app and tried the mobile and desktop versions of my GitHub ...
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2 votes
0 answers

On a multi-user Android device, when Google Backup runs, whose data will get backed up?

If it's enabled, Google Backup does two things. A) It runs "key/value backups", maybe once every few hours, and it stores the data in the Android Backup Service. B) It runs "Android Auto Backups", ...
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1 answer

the last number that used whatsapp on my blackberry

How do I check the last number that used whatsapp on this my blackberry handset because I downloaded it bt am asked to give the last number that used whatsapp on my phone
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4 votes
0 answers

How do I fix Helium backup/restore over Google Drive?

I am trying to back up all my game saves to Google Drive using Helium. I can backup a few game saves, but eventually I receive this error: Backup Error An error occurred while performing your app ...
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1 vote
1 answer

how to take complete backup of my android device using adb [duplicate]

I'm trying to take full backup using adb backup -all -f <path> and it took backup and stored in my PC. When I try to restore it using adb restore <path> then it restores onto the target ...
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1 answer

Titanium backup history setting ignored

Hello I am a happy user of Titanium Backup, except for one thing. The maximum backup history is set to 1, a single backup, but over time, the backup folder now contains 88 backups. How can I make ...
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2 votes
1 answer

KeyChain/KeyStore Backup

Is it possible to backup (local or Cloud) the keys from the keychain/keystore? I know the KeyChain is a system daemon which provides secure key storage. The keyStore will provide app-specific key ...
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How to save an ISO (or similar) of a whole Lexibook tablet (Android SO)? [duplicate]

A friend has 2 Lexibook android tablets (kids' tablets). One is completely clean and the other is fine. He wants his clean android to be exactly the same as his good one. How does he copy? I got ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why does this app not restore from Google Backup until I specify the set in adb?

I read this great answer about how sets work, but I'm seeing behavior I don't understand in this app. I just installed on a device that has never had the app installed (I think, see bottom) and ...
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23 votes
8 answers

Why is "Android OS" uploading so much data?

After switching from my Nexus S to a Nexus 4 I noticed that my phone was transferring huge amounts of background data. Like 70 MB in 15 minutes. As my data plan only allows 300 MB per month I was ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Application backup/restore - for saving resources

I was thinking I could completely backup apps to the SD card, and then restore them when needed. This for saving system resources. Is there some efficient way to do this?
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2 votes
1 answer

Examples of application, used Android Backup Services

Do you know any Android applications (with open source, if it's possible), which use Android Backup Service ( I need examples, how Backup ...
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1 vote
1 answer

BackupManager causing my phone to reboot

I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.1 running Kernel 3.0.1-ga052f63. Every 2 hours, my phone reboots itself. It started doing this 2-3 days ago. I may have installed/uninstalled some apps around that time ...
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