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For questions pertaining to communication bandwidth, whether cellular data or WiFi.

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Any method to enabled n28b band on MIUI phone?

Actually, I'm not sure if n28a and n28b are in the n28 band, or if they're different in the first place (even though the frequencies are both 700). Because the cell phone info sites I know of usually ...
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wifi speed is perfect in laptop but very low in mobile why?

isp : gtpl phone : poco F1 plan : 40 mbps down and half of it upload router settings : channel 6 and frequancy auto security : WPA - Personal note : both test were on wifi, laptop was not connected ...
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Speed from mobile hotspot is not consistence and poor speed

I am WFH and using Xiaomi note 8 pro for hotspot to my work computer and I have D-Link dongle which catch the hotspot signal. I am using Airtel sim card for that. When I start working to my system at ...
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How can I force android apps to not use more than a specific bandwidth ?

I know that I can use TrafficStats class to have an idea about how much data an app is using. But, I would like to know if there is any way in which I can force the apps to not use more than a ...
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How can I see how much internet bandwidth each process is using at the moment?

On Android, I have a nice Xposed module which shows me the current internet usage, but for the whole system, not per app: On my desktop computer I have this expandable panel item which shows me ...
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Why Google Play services upload nonstop 1MB/s everytime the device is connected to wi-fi?

Device: Nexus 5, Android Version 6.0.1 Every time the phone is connected to my home wi-fi after a couple of minutes the phone uses my whole bandwidth to upload something to varying Google (
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Android tablet as 3G gateway - Limit tethering device 3G bandwidth

Scenario: An Android tablet computer acts as 3G gateway for multiple devices connecting to it via WiFi; everything happens in a moving vehicle. How can I limit the 3G/GPRS bandwidth of the devices ...
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How to know which applications are using the Internet? [duplicate]

I use a lot of applications on my Android phone, and I'd like to know which applications are using the Internet at a given point of time, and also the bandwidth consumed by each one of them. This ...
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How to control, monitor and limit bandwidth usage?

During my last holiday, an overeager podcast app used my entire quota for downloading one podcast. Now I am looking for sulutions that will help limit bandwidth usage. Primarily I would like to ...
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Moto G 2014: Maximum upload speed?

According to specs the 2nd gen. Moto G has network support for: GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) UMTS/HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps (850, 1700 (AWS), 1900 MHz) What's the actual maximum upload speed?
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Google+ auto backup jams up my WiFi network

For months I tried to track down a ping issue (high ping; disconnect & reconnect my router; low ping for about 20 minutes; high ping again). Turns out, thanks to this answer, it was the Google+ ...
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How to display mobile data usage for whole month and not last 7 days?

I have monthly cycle for measuring mobile data from 1st to 31st but it always measures last 7 days. How do I make it measure cycle I have configured? Full resolution image
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How can I monitor bandwidth capacity over time?

I know that I can use some applications such as Speedtest to check my current bandwidth capacity. However, I would like to monitor bandwidth capacity over time as I would like to assess the quality of ...
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How to limit/throttle WiFi data speed on my Android device?

I am testing an Android application and need to understand how does the app behave on different internet speeds. An example of test case is: 1. set the maximum bandwidth to 20kbps and check how it ...
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How to limit bandwidth usage

Can anyone suggest a suitable way to limit internet bandwidth? I am using 3G mobile data. I know how to limit the maximum data usage but I need to control the bandwidth so that my mobile data ...
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Reducing bandwidth while using Facebook chat

I live in place where the data charges are extremely high (~0,70€ per MB in Ethiopia, for example.) If I wish to chat on Facebook, data charges rack up quickly due to the standard Facebook app's ...
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Limit the Internet bandwidth of Android device

Is it possible to limit internet speed of Android device for example Nexus 7 only internet speed has 300 kbps / 1mbps Nexus 4 only internet speed has 150 kbps / 1mbps
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Firefox for Android: blocking images?

I would like to prevent Firefox from loading images, due to 3g data limit. I was googling for an anwser, but it seems that option is not available, and, to my surprise, I did not find any posts ...
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Where can I check how much Internet bandwidth did my HTC Desire use?

A newb question, as I just received my wife's HTC Desire: Where can I check how much bandwidth it uses (or used during certain time period)? Her contract only includes 500MB a month, so she needs to ...
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Why Browser Tabs Reload After Restoring Back From Multi-Tasking?

When i have tabs opened no matter in which browser and restore back to that browser due to previous multi-tasking, i get all tabs reloading (or would it be more correct to say, loading again from ...
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Is there any low bandwidth VoIP software for Android? [closed]

I have measured Skype's bandwidth consumption: When just running Skype: ~0.09 KB/s When talking to someone through Skype: ~9 KB/s Is there any VoIP software available in the Android Market that ...
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Is there any app which can tell which app is using internet? [duplicate]

I have installed lots of apps on my phone. For the last couple of weeks i am facing one issue. Even when i am not using internet infact even when i am not using my phone at all, a window pops up and ...
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How To Make Android Based Smartphone Consume Less Mobile Internet Bandwidth?

Control I want to have full control over applications and have them ask whether or not i allow them to access mobile internet. I also want to disable automatic updates but enable updates ...
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