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Google Play services using up battery - Why and how to fix it?

Why would Android devices have Google Play services using up the second-most amount of battery usage over a 24 hour period (second only to screen power)? On one device, I see Google Play services ...
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Help diagnosing constant CPU usage of phone during sleep (Battery Historian Chart)

I saw a great Battery Historian guide and decided to try it out. I noticed that last night while my phone was unplugged, the "CPU Running" bar was active the whole time when I was asleep. ...
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Battery drain while doze, CPU abort wakeups

I'm running Android 11, in a Moto G30. I've noticed battery drains from 100% to 80% from 1am to 9am when I wake up. I decided to get a using ADB and load it in Battery Historian. Seems ...
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Moto e4+ fast charging issues

My moto e4 plus is 2yrs old.Suddenly at 75-80% it's charging rate drops then after a while suddenly it charging very fast after that stoppage.can anyone tell me reason !please
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Battery usage screen: where did signal strength details go to with Oreo?

In 2012, we had the question on What's the meaning of signal strength colors in battery usage screens?. Now, with Oreo, I can no longer find those details on my device: tapping on the graph no longer ...
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Unlabled app entries appearing in battery history. Suspicious?

This morning I noticed weird untitled entries in my battery history, which I'd never seen before. I'm also not sure why some rows were not showing the percentages. (When tapped on, the entry detail ...
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Is Samsung S6 battery usage screen inferior? Alternatives?

I've started experiencing bad battery drain on My S6. The last time I had to diagnose battery drain was long time ago on an LG G2 that I'd rooted. It had a really good battery diagnostics showing ...
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Battery Percentage Recalculate (Not Calibration Reset)

When I'm busy and don't want to reboot, I put the android phone on charge and pull out the battery and put a charged battery in quickly (without reboot) But the battery percentage level does not ...
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Negative timespan on battery usage graph and blank WiFi data usage graph on CM12.1 after installing WhatsApp

I recently installed CM12.1 on my Moto G 2013 XT1033. After installing WhatsApp and rebooting, the data usage meter isn't showing. The same goes for the battery usage details. Click image(s) for ...
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Strange system app called Helper eating too much battery , data , CPU and freezing device

My phone usually work well until recently it turned out that battery gets really hot and camera Section that the phone starts popping that I should remove battery . when I look at battery usage I ...
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How to solve Inaccurate battery status after removing battery

My phone battery is just about 2 months old. It can last for many days without browsing and over 12hours streaming HD videos on YouTube. But something is strange. Any time I remove the battery ( high ...
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What's the problem with my battery?

Well some people here have came across this question I posted few days ago. I want to inform them that I had to reflash my phone (and I'll edit the details there as recommended by @Izzy) Device: ...
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How to reset Battery chart

I have an Android tablet (wifi only; no cell service). Sometimes, I want to reset the chart it shows in the battery menu, so that it only shows the last few min instead of the last who knows how many ...
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