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Battery Saver is a mode where the Android system will disable and optimize some apps and services to preserve the battery.

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Notifications are removed regularly and energy saving mode activated spontaneously

I have a Samsung Galaxy A51 phone, 2 or 3 years old. Since some time, out of nothing (like just after using the phone for some time, when getting out of screen lock), I see notifications (like ...
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Not able to disable battery optimization for apps on Samsung Galaxy A01 Core (Android Go)

I have a Samsung Galaxy A01 Core (SM-A013M) with Android 10 GO. When I tap on "disable battery optimization" for certain apps, it doesn't really do anything, and there's no button to disable ...
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General Mobile 21 Plus (Android 12) is automatically restricting some apps battery usage without my permission

I'm using General Mobile 21 Plus on Android 12. Sometimes I notice that some apps are not sending me notifications or the notifications are delayed. So, I go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery ...
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Have more standard apps in "Limit apps and home screen"

I like Samsung's power saving option "Limit apps and home screen", but 4 apps is just not enough. As a result, some apps shut off when you close which I would like to keep running. Can you ...
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How can I stop Android putting an app in Battery Optimization mode?

I have an app (Calendar Alarm) that gives me an an alarm when an appointment is about to start. I have put this app into "non-battery optimization" mode several times now. After I do this it ...
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Is battery protection mode still active when the device is off?

I have a lenovo tablet that has a charging dock that it's left in 24/7 (or at least almost 24/7) I have turned on battery protection mode to preserve it's longevity, but I am unsure whether the device ...
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Is it sensible to turn off the phone for charging?

I know that electronic devices, when not in use for a few hours and especially when charging, should be turned off. However, when I turn my phone off and plug it into the charger, it shows the "...
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How can I keep an app running when Extreme Battery Saver is on?

I'm using a Google Pixel 5 with Android 13 Beta. It has an Extreme Battery Saver mode which the system will ask me to turn on if the battery level goes under 10%. After it is enabled, most apps will ...
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Keep WiFi running when screen is off and phone is locked (streaming with black screen, battery saving, newpipe, podcasts)

How do I keep my WiFi running when my phone's screen is off and locked? Facts: The biggest battery drain is my screen usage WiFi uses your battery, but not nearly as badly as the screen I use my ...
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ANT+ and UPSM (ultra power saving mode)

I have a Samsung device with ANT+ support and i would like to connect to ANT+ devices when in UPS(ultra power saving) mode. However, in UPS mode with bluetooth enabled, the ANT+ is not working. ...
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Is there a battery optimization app that allows me to turn or sync/data for all apps with an exception for certain ones?

I'm guessing there is a 3rd party app that does this, but I'm not sure. Is there a way to turn off auto sync for all apps with an exception for certain ones? For example, when I snowboard, my phone ...
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Making a device to simulate low battery early

I have device which is used commonly by a layman kin. She does not really understand, why spares the battery if we do not wait until it goes to zero. She thinks, the device needs charge only if it was ...
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Enable vibration and location services while on battery saver

I like using battery saver on my Android phone as it greatly extends the battery. However, there is one app that I use that I would like to exempt from two of the things that batter saver disables - ...
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How can one change the battery saver to dark mode in Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S9)?

I use Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 9. Screenshot from the Google Drive Android application, which seems to indicate that it is possible to change the theme in the battery saver: How can one change ...
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WhatsApp disappears in Ultra Power Saving Mode

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. Not sure what I did on the phone, when I change it to Ultra Power Saving Mode, WhatsApp disappears and I'm unable to use it. It worked well before but not sure ...
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