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MKV video files stutters GALAXY TAB 4 SM-T351

So here we are, I have that big ass 10.1 inches screen and with the course of the years I have more and more troubles with playing the videos, especially the ones from Shaanig and MINX torrent ...
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For Adoptable storage Fast random WRITE speed or fast random READ average good speed values?

For Adoptable storage Fast random WRITE speed or fast random READ average good speed values? To move and use apps on its microSD Card (using microsd card as adaptable storage as internal memory) in ...
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Compatibility Feasibility Speed and use of High Capacity MicroSd Card for adaptable swapping and linking apps?

I want purchase a new high capacity (64GB or 128GB) high speed (100Mbps 170Mbps 250 MBps) MicroSdcard for Swapping/Adoptable /linking apps through Link2SD/ portable (adoptable) storage so i want ...
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Is there a searchable app catalog that rank applications by power and network bandwith usage?

I'm pretty sure I have used such a site previously, but could not find it in my bookmarks anymore. My use case: I have some apps that I seldom use, and want to be able to quickly see how much battery ...
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Impact of android version on phone performance

I pondering whether I should upgrade my Android system, or stick to my current one. Is there any reference website that would list Android devices and see how different Android versions compare in ...
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List of Android devices benchmarks

Are there any solid reference websites where I can compare benchmarkings of various Android devices? Similar to sites like CPU Benchmark and Video Card Benchmark for PC devices.
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Are there any benchmarking apps that measure how smooth scrolling is on a certain device?

The one thing I think that IOS (and Windows 8 as well) still has over Android even after all these years is smoothness in scrolling. After a while you don't really notice the difference until you ...
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Sunspider : performance of 3rd party apps relative to stock browser

Hi my aim is to get an idea of the slowdown 3rd party apps face on android, relative to the stock browser, on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks. In this post I would like to focus on Twitter since ...
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Benchmark application for Android?

There is any application to measure and publish benchmark results from Android devices?
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