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Questions tagged [bluetooth-hsp]

The Bluetooth Headset Profile (HSP) is the most commonly used profile, providing support for the popular Bluetooth Headsets to be used with mobile phones.

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Bluetooth Headset does not work with VoLTE

I have a strange situation where my Bluetooth headset does not work for (most) VoLTE calls. More specifically, I can perfectly hear the other end, while they are unable to hear me. Is there a way to ...
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Can you block certain commands from a headset?

Many Bluetooth headsets have few buttons for a multitude of functions. Press once for "louder", twice for "next song", doubletap for dial, hold for stop, hold longer for pairing ...
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HSP Profile not working on connecting via Android Settings Dialog

I am a newbie on bluetooth & facing a few basic problems. I am currently working on an android voice assistant application, trying to make it work with bluetooth headsets. If I connect to ...
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Can I use Android tablet as a handsfree or headset Bluetooth device profile? (Status in 2018)

This question is a duplicate of Can an Android phone be used as a Bluetooth headset/speakers? from 2011. I am asking because I suspect Android may have been subject to an update or two since then. My ...
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Bluetooth with Moto G4

I recently purchased a Motorola Moto G4. My husband has the LG wireless headphones. I tried to pair but every time I would get a phone call the voices would come over garbled like they were under ...
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Read/Send SMS and Make Calls on Flip Phone via Rooted Android?

I have a Verizon LG-VN251S Cosmos 3, and a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 (rooted; custom android 7.1 Nougat ROM). The Cosmos states in its Bluetooth menu that it has the following "Supported Profiles": ...
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How to keep audio players from starting automatically upon reconnecting to a bluetooth device?

Galaxy S4, 5.0.1 How is the system determining which audio app to use when reconnecting to a bluetooth device? Is there a way to change it? I downloaded some MP3s that won't work in the Google Play ...
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Bluetooth headset kills other audio?

I have a bluetooth headset for voice calls on my HTC EVO 4G. When I connect it, voice calls work well, and other audio works before I try pressing the "call" button on the headset. The first time I ...
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Is it possible to direct all audio output, including music output, to a Bluetooth headset?

I am able to make and receive calls from my Samsung ACE S5830 phone using a Bluetooth device. However, when I play MP3 songs on my phone, the output does not play through the Bluetooth mono headset; ...
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How to stream audio from PC to Android Device over Bluetooth

I have a rooted Android Device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a PC(with Bluetooth dongle) running windows 7. My mobile has Bluetooth with A2DP support. I want to output the audio(not just music) ...
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Split Bluetooth Music Playback and Phone capabilities? [closed]

I have a car stereo which supports bluetooth phones, but not A2DP audio playback. I purchased an A2DP adapter. I have easily paired my HTC Thunderbolt to the Cicada which pipes audio to the aux jack ...
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Can I disable e-mail notification sounds streamed to a bluetooth hands-free car radio

Is there a way that one can automatically turn off the email notification when one is connected to a bluetooth-enabled car radio, ie. while driving, and only respond to incoming call notifications? ...
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Bluetooth headset doesn't play ringtone

I've paired Bluetooth headset Plantronics Explorer 390 with Android phone. I can set ringtone of incoming call on every contact. The issue is that any Android phone I've tested plays ringtone on ...
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Why does bluetooth headset auto dial a number when I press the button

After I have paired a bluetooth headset, if I press the call button on the headset it automatically calls one particular number? Why does this happen? I would have thought it should bring up the ...
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Can an Android phone be used as a Bluetooth headset/speakers?

Is there a way to make an Android phone (HTC Desire HD) act as Bluetooth speakers or headset? I'd like to use the phone as wireless headphones whilst watching a movie on a computer (running Ubuntu).
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How do I send Bluetooth audio from the Stereo (A2DP) to Headset (HSP) profile?

I have a stereo Bluetooth headset. When paired and connected, both the Phone and Media profiles are supported. I can hear Google Maps Navigation voice directions in the headset. However, if I ...
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