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For issues with the "Bluetooth Low Energy" profile.

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Why do my headphones have a colour photo instead of an icon in Bluetooth settings

In my Bluetooth settings, I have two paired audio devices: "Bedroom Speaker" is a Google Home Mini and "WH-1000XM4" are my Sony headphones. As they provide both audio and hands-...
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Bluetooth battery level not showing up in status bar

I'm using Lineage OS 18.1 and a BLE Mouse that reports its battery level. I can confirm that the battery level is reported correctly, by connecting it with my Linux computer: (See Devices: DIY Page ...
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How do I use Android Support for Hearing Aid (ASHA) on a capable phone?

I have been looking around for a demonstration of someone using the ASHA feature on an android phone, but a general google search only brings up ASHA feature being announced (from 2018) or something ...
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Pair and Connect to a BLE device from inside an app behaves differently on Pixel 3a and 4a

After migrating from a Pixel 3a to a Pixel 4a (both running Android 11), re-connecting the GoPlus (a BLE accessory) in Pokémon GO now requires two more actions, first a notification "Pairing ...
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What percentage of Android devices have BLE support?

Just asking for a bit of data, as I couldn't find it anywhere. Useful to know whether to develop for BLE or Bluetooth. How about percentage over time as well?
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Can I use 6LoWPAN to tether BLE devices with Android?

I have a Nexus 5X (running stock firmware) which supports Bluetooth 4.2. How do I use 6LoWPAN to share the internet from my phone with BLE devices? Is it as simple as enabling Bluetooth tethering in ...
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How to get Feitian MultiPass FIDO U2F working with OnePlus 3T?

Feitian MultiPass FIDO has 3 ways to work as a hardware token: BLE, NFC and USB. I'd like to use it either with NFC or BLE because the USB input can be occupied, and I have a feeling anyway that the ...
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Bluetooth LE device cannot connect to LG G5 SE when phone is sleeping

I have LG G5 H840 (SE) with unmodified stock firmware. I use cogito watch with it to receive notifications. This a Bluetooth LE hybrid smartwatch. When I go out of range and go back then my watch ...
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Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy support on Sony Xperia Z5 or Z5 Compact

Could anyone please tell me if the Sony Xperia Z5 (or Z5 Compact) supports the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy profiles? I can't find any specification where this information is available (on ...
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Bluetooth HCI Snooping integrity

For a project I am sniffing bluetooth communication between an embedded device and my android phone. To make this work I enabled the Bluetooth HCI Snoop log option on my Android phone in developer ...
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Connection Oriented Channel for L2CAP

Does Android support Connection oriented Channel for L2CAP in BLE? What about in Android M ? Thanks !
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Does Nexus 7 has Bluetooth Smart technology?

I've read here among other pages that it has this technology, but i'm trying to connect to a beacon with it and the app says that "...
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Determining support for Bluetooth Low Energy

I'm doing a feasibility study into Android tablets for commercial applications. I have a product that requires a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. I have a Nexus 7 tablet which is supposed to support ...
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