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Sharing a data connection with another device via Bluetooth, a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances.

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Route bluetooth tether through VPN?

With an adb prompt or, failing that, a root prompt, how can I alter default behavior to root traffic through the VPN connection in Android 10 so that this behavior remains when unrooted? In the case ...
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Bluetooth tethering from Samsung Galaxy 8 used to worked great

I have a Samsung Galaxy 8. I use it a lot to tether my Samsung tablet which hasn't pushed an update in a long time. I found that bluetooth tethering saved my phone battery far better than wifi ...
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Can I use 6LoWPAN to tether BLE devices with Android?

I have a Nexus 5X (running stock firmware) which supports Bluetooth 4.2. How do I use 6LoWPAN to share the internet from my phone with BLE devices? Is it as simple as enabling Bluetooth tethering in ...
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Dns fail in Bluetooth tethering?

When I connect my laptop with my phone over Bluetooth tethering, I do not get internet access, however wifi and usb tethering is working fine? There is a dns fail, I checked using dig command,
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Can't bluetooth tether between sprint galaxy s6 and nexus 7

On my galaxy s6, I activate the Bluetooth server. I've confirmed that Bluetooth tethering works with my laptop. On My Nexus 7, the s6 shows up in the paired devices list. I click on settings, and ...
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avoid Bluetooth DUN authorisation with paired devices

I have two Android phones - one has 4.0.1 ICS and other has 4.1 jelly bean. I have enabled Bluetooth tethering on ICS . I have also paired both the devices via Bluetooth. Now what I want is that when ...
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Auto-accept incoming bluetooth tether request?

Everytime I tether my PC to use my phone's internet via bluetooth it (phone) asks for confirmation. Is there a way to auto-accept that confirmation or suppress it altogether? This app doesn't work ...
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Why did my WiFi, bluetooth and hotspot stop working all of a sudden?

I had this very awkward experience, today. My Samsung Galaxy A10s running Android 10 has ran into some serious trouble. I am shocked to find that my Wi-Fi is not turning on, my bluetooth is frozen and ...
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Why is Bluetooth tethering disabled in a lot of Android devices?

What is the current state of Bluetooth tethering on Android devices? I have a couple of phones Android 5 and Android 6 that I can use from PCs for Bluetooth tethering. Both phones have support for ...
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Problems using bluetooth tether on a cheap chinese tablet

I'll save you all from the backstory, because I am short on time. I have 4 iDeaUSA CT8 cheap chinese tablets running android 4.2.2 that I bought from fry's electronics for $99. It was a great deal, ...
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Sharing/tethering 3G connection between Android devices

Is it possible to share 3G connection between two Android devices, a smartphone with 3G and a tablet with only wi-fi, for me to access the web with the tablet anywhere? I have a Sony Xperia X8 with ...
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How to tether an Android phone to a PC via Bluetooth?

When wifi connecting to the internet via an Android mobile, how can I get access to this internet connection over Bluetooth from my computer?
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Is it possible to share WiFi network (not 3G network) via BT PAN to other devices?

I'm tring the BT PAN profile on an Android 4.1 device. There is no 3G network on my device. I use Wi-Fi to connect to the network. Is it possible to share the network from my device by BT connection? ...
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