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Questions tagged [brave-browser]

Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser.

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Adblock custom filter block element on main domain but not subdomains on Brave Android

I'm trying to block recommended videos on YouTube main page only ( excluding channels (i.e. links like*, for example, So far, I've been only ...
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Brave browser does not automatically load newest version of page

Almost every time I open a site, it loads the previously viewed version, not the latest one. A news site might load the news from 2 days ago instead of today's most recent news. I have to manually ...
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How can I eyeball a URL before clicking, on Brave on Android?

On a desktop, I always hover and look at a link before clicking it. Is there a way I can get Brave on Android to show me the link contents first?
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Is there any way to retrieve webpage from local cache in Brave browser?

I viewed webpage on Brave browser that later was deleted. Is there any way to retrieve this webpage from local cache? I know that there is soft like Nirsoft ChromeCacheView, but it can only extract ...
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Location of android browsers' (Chrome and Brave) open tabs [duplicate]

virtually all android browsers remember and load all my open tabs every time I open whatever browser I want to use. Where is this file browsers use to reload all open tabs when restarting? Is there a ...
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Why can I no longer share a URL to Brave or Chrome?

Within the last couple of months a change in Brave had affected my typical article reading workflow. This also affects Chrome, so I'm assuming it's a change in the underlying shared codebase. I use ...
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Switch between search engines on Brave Browser

I am using the Brave browser on Android and would like to know if there is a way to switch easily between search engines. This feature exists for Firefox and Opera who provide small icons of different ...
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Moving Chrome saved passwords to Brave browser

Is it possible in any way to replicate Chrome passwords to other Chromium-based browsers such as Brave? I have a rooted device. I tried copying the "Login Data" file from the Chrome data ...
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