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Questions tagged [bug-report-feature]

Use this tag if the question is about Android's built-in feature to take bug report. Do not use this tag to report bugs.

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1 answer

How can I share my bug report with Android devs?

I just learned about the ability to capture a bug report at will. I don't see it properly documented on an official Android website, so I'll describe it here: After reproducing the issue, navigate to ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Accessing Bug Reports and Termux storage in file explorer?

A lot of apps call Android's "Open file" dialog when they want the user to select any file on their phone - for example when attaching a file to an email, or when opening a file with an ...
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0 answers

Take/Submit Bug Report on Android TV

I can't find option in developer settings to take/submit a bug report on android TV. Is this option not available for android TV or maybe hidden somewhere?
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Finding shutdown event in Android bug reports

My Phone which runs on Android 11 has been crashing frequently. This happens randomly - while attending a call or playing a video. I have tried to report it to my manufacturer multiple times to no ...
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1 answer

Bug report and Settings crash on Nexus 4

My Nexus 4 is rooted with stock ROM (version 4.4.4) and custom recovery TWRP. Recently it automatically generated some bug report: one is a png image (just a blank screen in black) and another text ...
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