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A bug is a problem or unexpected behavior that needs fixing.

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Why does MTP show wrong directory location? [duplicate]

MTP (Miserable Transfer Protocol) failed once again. After moving a directory to a different path, it is still on the same path as before according to MTP. I already tried re-plugging the USB port ...
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Android 5.0 display keeps turning on with black and white notifications

I have an Oneplus One which just got its Android 5.0 version released. It is known that there are still plenty of bugs issues, but a very annoying one is that if I have notifications and turn off the ...
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How does "virus been detected" on android pop up on chrome when visiting some sites?

What is the cause of this chrome bug on android? The last site I went to was and all of a sudden it gets redirected to the following url. This happened previously awhile back, but ...
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Android wifi says "Connected, no internet" but internet works just fine

This is a strange thing that started happening with the wifi network at my work. Android devices connected to the network say "Connected, no internet" however the internet works perfectly well. This ...
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Stuck in Air Plane Mode: How to Force Disabling Air Plane Mode?

My Huawei Honour is stuck in air plane mode. I cannot disable it as the controls are greyed out. I tried rebooting and resetting the system cache. What else can I do?
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Debugging bootloop: Get an information log without ADB? Can an emulator help? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Android boot-up messages for debugging? Related to this post I created: Does the Android emulator generate some sort of log file I can access if it crashes? I have been ...
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Media Player starts playing when I unplug headphones

The stock media player on my phone has an annoying behaviour. Whenever I unplug the headphones, if the media player is paused or not running, it immediately starts running and playing my playlist. ...
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Where to report a bug in a keyboard app?

I have Nexus4 with Android. One of the input languages is Russian. I use Russian word suggestions or swype method for messaging. There is a particular form of Russian verbs (frequently used) that ...
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Wrong earphones/headphones buttons press/tap behavior

I've had this issue for a long time now. As far as I know there are three button commands while using any music players. One press for pause, double press to go to the next song, and triple press to ...
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"File as" not working for Contacts

Many contact management tools (such as Google Contacts or Microsoft People) have a field called "File As", which allows to save a contact using a nickname, while keeping the first and last ...
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Can not read MMS on dual SIM phone

A have two SIM card phone: LG E455 (Optimus L5 II Dual). Primary SIM card is full operation, secondary is receiving calls and SMS only. SIM cards are from different providers. I received MMS message ...
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Nexus 5 front camera not working

Yesterday my front camera on Nexus 5 stopped working. It doesn't show up in any app (& there's a bug in the new Google camera app - I can switch camera only if the HDR+ is on, but then it's stuck ...
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