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CalDAV is an Internet standard allowing a client to access and manage calendar data along with the ability to schedule meetings with users on the same or on remote servers.

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How do you sync from one calendar account to another?

I am trying to migrate from a broken calendar account (no remote sync access, but the phone has all the data cached locally) to a self-hosted CalDAV calendar (connected to by DAVx). Both calendar ...
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Creating a CalDAV event with status confirmed is not propagated on Android (through DAVx5)

When I create an event in Nextcloud Calendar (or through Thunderbird Lightning) while forcing the status as confirmed, it is not propagated correctly to Android through CalDAV. I am sure that the ...
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Integrate CalDAV to Android Outlook [closed]

Is it possible to integrate the CalDAV calendar into the Android Outlook app? Usually, CalDAV calendars don’t appear in the Android Outlook app, so I search for a way to integrate CalDAV into Outlook. ...
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DAVDroid CalDAV Calender does not show as phone calender account

I have a Xiaomi Redmi 4X Device with stock Android (no custom OS installation or modifications). I run a Radicale CalDAV server at home and have installed the DAVDroid app (via F-Droid). Inside ...
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Integrating CalDav event sources with Outlook in the Calendar application

My calendar is a conglomerate of different event sources (personal, work, etc). I bring them together using the CalDav standard - on Android using the DAVdroid application. There is however an event ...
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How do I manage CalDAV-provided tasks?

On my phone, I have a calendar synchronized via CalDAV-Sync on a server of mine. On the desktop, I edit them with Thunderbird, and since Thunderbird can associate tasks to a calendar, I was wondering, ...
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What exactly does CalDAV-Sync do?

Android has a bug report Add support for external calendars via iCal / CalDav that prevents you from using a standard CalDAV application. CalDAV-Sync corrects that bug: CalDAV-Sync is a CalDAV client ...
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