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How to change the brightness of the Galaxy A10s flashlight

I saw how this application (Cardiograph) uses a bright flashlight, and then it switches to a dim one. The phone itself (Samsung Galaxy A10s) does not have a built-in flash brightness control, and ...
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'Rear Camera' and 'Flash light' Not Working in Lenovo k6 Note (Custom Rom)

I am not able to use Rear Camera and Flash Light in My Lenovo K6 Note. Front Camera Works Well. When I open Camera App, by default it Opens with Front Camera. Rear Camera Option is Not Found. (Front ...
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LG G4 Problem with "camera unfortunately stopped working"

Recently my camera on my LG G4 has been having some issues and is not working at all. When opening the camera app either front or rear there is just a black screen and after a moment the message "...
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Easy Flashlight/Torch Toggle easily using tasker

I want to turn on the torch on the device by pressing the power button 3 times(or something convenient) and display a notification saying "Flashlight ON" and turn it off by simply swiping out(clearing)...
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The torch button is missing. How do I get it back?

I've always had a torch icon in the quick settings tray, for example (from another phone): However mine now looks like this: I think it happened after I tried taking a video with the stock camera ...
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Stock android camera app. How to prevent default settings from taking over

I'm on Android 5 KitKat but I've seen this in Android 4.x as well. The stock camera app has the settings for contrast sharpness brightness etc. I always want the sharpness to be maximum along with ...
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LG l90 led light

The L.E.D. on a LG l90 Android I recently purchased does not light up. I have tried going to setting, but can find no toggle switch to activate the L.E.D. What should i do?
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How to check if flashlight is activated?

I've got a brandnew OnePlus One with Cyanogenmod 12 on it, and the device is rooted. I like the offscreen gestures very much. But sometimes they are triggered accidentally. This is very costy when ...
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Major issues on Micromax YUREKA after updating to Lollipop

I am having multiple issues on my Micromax Yureka after upgrading to Lollipop: I am unable to pick up calls & the display is not coming on USB storage connection is not functioning & won't ...
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Where is located flashlight activity on cm12

As you know, on cm12 does not exist Torch.apk. Flashlight run on toggle in quick settings. I am wondering, which one application contain flashlight activity? I was Googling, but can't find an answer.
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Turn on flashlight when volume button is held

I have Nexus 4 on Android 5.0 Lollipop, and I'm using Tasker. Is there any way to get the Flashlight to turn on when screen is off and the volume up or down button is held for 2-3 seconds? Then turn ...
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Wifi hotspot and Flashlight

I am being told by my device (HTC one E8) that the camera flash (and thereby flashlight app) and portable wifi hotspot cannot work at the same time. I dont see any logical connection between the two,...
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Are there Android devices without a camera, but with a torch? [closed]

Flashlight in Android seems to be "entangled" with Camera, leading to UI, power consumption, privacy and other issues. Are there Android devices with a torch, but without a camera at all? How the LED ...
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How to make the best out of the Samsung Galaxy SIII camera application

Where can I find some good documentation concerning how to use the features of the camera application installed on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and how these features work under-the-hood? I would like to ...
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Flashlight on lockscreen on Galaxy S5

I am soon going on a field trip and would like to give my friends the ability to use the flash light from the phone without giving them the pattern to unlock the phone. Is that possible to add the ...
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Samsung Galaxy S3 camera light keeps flashing

Ever since I updated the software on my Galaxy S3 the camera light flashes randomly all day, it also flashes when my alarm goes off. I cannot find anywhere in my settings how to disable this ...
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Camera light flashes when the phone rings - how do I turn this off?

With Android version 4.3 for my Samsung Galaxy S3 (or perhaps just Verizon's flavor of it) my camera flash has begun to blink very brightly when I am receiving an incoming call. How can I turn this ...
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Lowering the brightness of the camera flash

I have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562L). The camera is good, but its flash is so strong that after the photo we have to wait for 1 or 2 minutes to our eyes be able to see all clearly - it is like ...
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What's a quick way to turn on the torch?

In my accessibility settings on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500), there is an "Assistive light" option that "Turn[s] on torch to see better". It activates the light on the back of the device. ...
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Does the Nexus 7 have a LED flash for its camera?

Does the Nexus 7 have a LED flash for its front facing camera? Can somebody point me to some documentation online that states whether this is true or not?
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What's the purpose of Strobe frequency adjustment in Torch?

I have the Torch app by default in Cyanogenmod. I was wondering what's the purpose of Strobe frequency adjustment? I tried to play around with it and I couldn't tell what difference does it make.
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Any concerns using LED flashlight apps?

I've always wondered with flashlight apps, especially ones that use the LED light(s): Is there any risk of shortening the life of the LEDs? I noticed one app ("ASettings") gives a warning that doing ...
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