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Galaxy S8 can't connect to cellular network when connected to car bluetooth

I have a new Galaxy S8 but unfortunately when I pair it with my car (Porsche Macan 2 years old) it can never find the cellular network, status in the car is "Searching for network" and no phone calls ...
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NFC task for BOTH tag entry and exit

Since picking up a few NFC tags I've been experimenting with automation apps to run tasks for certain contexts (e.g. Car dock). The apps I've tried (e.g. Trigger) are great at running tasks when the ...
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Modify shorcut or executable?

My car is a Chevrolet, and uses the Mylink radio system. It basically comes with some shortcuts (fixed) to run certain (limited) apps on an Android phone and show the phone's screen on the stereo car ...
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How do I decide what car charger I need to buy?

I am with Nexus 5 and finding it difficult to decide on what car charger or car dock with charger I need to buy. As there is no accessories from parent company (LG or Google) I not sure what charger ...
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How to activate car mode with a magnet?

The Google Nexus 7 tablet has lots of reed relays and magnets. Some toggle the screen, others activate the wireless charging dock. I suppose there is a position for activating car mode (never putting ...
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How to put Google Nexus 7 securely in my car for use as sat nav?

I know this question isn't about Android per-se, but about an Android device no less. I recently got a new Google Nexus 7 tablet. Now, I'd like to use it as car sat nav, but I couldn't find a decent ...
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HTC Desire randomly wakes up

I have an HTC desire, which switches on randomly. To get to the source of the problem, I waited for the phone to wake up (screen turned on), then grabbed the system log and mailed it to myself. These ...
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Smart TV Stick (Android) connects to 3g dongle for Internet

I am trying to explore the options of connecting a 3g dongle to the car charger. And then connecting a Smart TV Android stick into the 3g dongle to get Internet. It will be great if I can get internet ...
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Incoming call notification that supports landscape mode

With my HTC One V in the car dock in landscape mode, incoming call notifications still appear in portrait mode. Is there a way I can configure or replace this with something that will display properly ...
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How can I see what kind of car charger I have?

I noticed that when using navigation plus GPS my phone (Galaxy S2) still discharges a bit even so its connected to a car charger. While googeling, I found out that regular USB chargers only charge ...
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Driving Mode isn't working as expected on Samsung Galaxy SII

I have this Samsung Galaxy SII, GT-I9100T, with Android version 2.3.3. When placed in Dock with my car, the following happens Whenever a call is incoming, the phone would read me the calling number, ...
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Any converter available to connect my android phone to an iPod/iPhone car dock?

I have a iPod/iPhone car dock, which integrates into the back of my stereo as if it were a CD changer. I'd like to hook my android phone up to it, but the only input is an iPod/iPhone cable (...
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Is it possible to turn an Android tablet on or off over a wired connection such as USB?

I'm looking to use an Android tablet as a carputer, yet one problem I have is how to get the tablet to turn on and off when I turn my car on and off. With most carputers people will use special ...
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Strange/troubling behavior when putting phone in car dock

I have a Galaxy Nexus (rooted, running stock Jellybean). When I place it in the car dock, my screen gets flooded with notifications for "shell granted superuser access," and after a few minutes ...
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Can I use a pin/password/pattern lock and safely have basic phone functionality while in car?

I would like to lock my phone with a pin for additional security. Also, I try to minimize my phone usage in the car, but in the event that I do need to call someone, I would like to be able to do so ...
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Which app should I select when inserting my phone into the car dock?

I have a Tasker profile conditional on the phone being in the Car Dock. When I insert the phone in the dock, I sometimes get a prompt to choose which application to launch -- either Tasker or "Smart ...
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Are all SGS phones able to detect a car dock?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S I-9000 (the international version) and I have a car dock manufactured by Samsung for this phone (given to me by the Samsung representative who works with my cellphone ...
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How to keep the Car Home app from opening automatically on my Droid?

Hey all, this is something that's been bugging me for a while now and I just found this wonderful, glorious place so I thought I'd pick your collective brains. I'm running CM 6.2.1 on my original ...
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How does the phone know it has been docked

How does the Android phone phone it has been docked in a car holder? I think the HTC Desire car dock can launch Car Home, but how does the phone known it's been docked?
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Phone calls over headphone jack?

I'm looking at buying a new car. Many of the cars I see now come "standard" with an audio-in jack. The option of a Bluetooth connection is usually much more expensive. My question is: If I plug my ...
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Can I change which app launches when I put my phone in the media dock?

Samsung Desk Home can auto-launch when the phone is placed in the media dock, but it kinda stinks. I have alternatives, like Custom Car Home, but can't see any way to get them to launch. The ...
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What causes battery to drain faster than it can charge?

I have a Moto DROID (v1). On a trip from Tyler, TX to DFW airport I had my phone in the car dock and charging. I was using Navigation for directions to the airport and also had Listen running to ...
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Nexus One overheats/restarts when connected to car dock or car charger

Whenever I connect my Nexus One to the official car dock, my phone heats up rapidly, and eventually restarts. Obviously, the phone is restarting to prevent it from damaging itself. So the question ...
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