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Are VoLTE standards same across the world?

I have a SIM-free Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F/DS) model. And in my home country (India) VoLTE works fine on it. I'm moving to Japan soon and was thinking of getting a Japanese SIM (The name of the carrier is ...
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Where are the PRL and profile stored on the filesystem?

I'm talking about what can be updated in Settings->More->Cellular networks->Carrier settings. Where are they stored? On what partition and where, if anywhere, on the filesystem?
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Why can't the Sprint HTC One use GSM ROMs?

Everywhere I've looked, I've found that the HTC One physical hardware (USA) is the same regardless of the carrier--all models of the USA phone containing both CDMA and GSM radios. If this is the ...
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Why does VoLTE deployment only take a "Carrier Update" on iOS for all iPhones to have it enabled, but only a select few Android handsets get it?

I am guessing carriers need to adjust the software, but why isn't this negotiated by Android by default so that no modifications would be necessary? Why is there no equivalent of "carrier updates"?
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Dual sim unlocked Galaxy S9 - is it able to run Verizon AND T-Mobile simultaneously?

The Galaxy S9+ supports dual sim cards. If buying an unlocked one, can it have both Verizon and T-Mobile running on it at once? Also, if so, how does it know which one to use for data like if ...
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IP address using 3G/4G modem (USB on the go)

If I use a 3G USB (on the go) modem on my Android device, do I get the IP assigned by the Carrier as the SIM card was inside of the device? Does it appear as usb0 in ifconfig? Thank you. PS I would ...
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How can you find which carrier a LG D803 is locked to?

I bought a LG D803 and it came locked to an unknown carrier. All the unlock services require the information of which carrier the phone is locked to give me an unlock code. So, how can I find that out?...
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Will an LG G3 Beat work on Verizon in the US?

I asked on Travel a week ago about getting a temporary phone for a trip to Europe but my requirements have changed. Now I need a phone that works in Europe and the USA. I got to looking at the LG G3 ...
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If I have a GSM device, with a radio that has common LTE bands between carriers, is it possible to compare available bands and signal strength?

I'd like to know if it is possible, given that I have devices which can operate on multiple networks, if I can use that device to check the signal strength of a competitor network in the area. I live ...
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How do I turn on Carrier Location Services?

I have found a similar question about this, and it kind of makes me wonder what this service is. In the description it says you can turn it on and off in the apps if you look for Carrier Location ...
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Network unlock a never-activated phone

I currently have a Motorola Moto G6 Play that was originally purchased 3 years ago from Virgin Mobile USA (which doesn't exist anymore), and was never activated. Interested in getting it network-...
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Will a CDMA carrier's LTE work on a GSM-only phone?

More specifically, I'd like to know if a Sprint-based carrier (Tello) will work on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (M1908C3JG).
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How does carriers blocks Internet connections on phone…

I just changed my ISP, and whatever the tethering method (usb or Wi‑Fi or bluethooth) I’m using, I’m redirected to a captive portal of my carrier on my PC web browser’s stating that I’m not allowed to ...
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Why does scanning for carriers take so long?

Whenever I want to switch my carrier (even to back automatic selection), my mobile (rooted Galaxy S4 mini if that matters) scans one or more minutes for carriers. Why does it take so long? Wi-Fi Matic ...
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Power and volume down menu... What kind of trouble am I getting into?

Model ZTE N9500 Carrier: Sprint Messing around with various button combinations I found this one and up popped a very interesting menu my question is. What are the respective purposes / consequences ...
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How can I find the region and carrier for an HTC phone?

I'm using HTC One X. To find RUU at, I need to know the region and carrier. Can I determine this using the IMEI or something else?
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Identify Unlocked Device's Carrier

I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 a while ago, this phone was imported by an independent store and not any of the local cellular carriers. And my phone is not getting firmware updates, I ...
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A confused senior citizen

I have an Android Samsung Galaxy J5 phone with SIM card slot No 1 with a Reliance Jio sim and SIM card slot no 2 with a BSNL 4G SIM. On my BSNL line I do not have data but only for incoming/outgoing ...
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