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Questions tagged [chinese-language]

For questions relating to the Chinese language or inputting Chinese text. Don't use this tag just because your phone was made in China.

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1 vote
0 answers

How to make TalkBack read the spelling of Chinese characters in terms of the names of the Chinese character components

When a blind user is using TalkBack to listen to text, they may want to figure out the actual spelling of the text. Can TalkBack be used to spell a Chinese character or stream of Chinese characters in ...
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0 answers

Is there a fast way to write Pinyin on Gboard?

Is there a fast way to write Pinyin on Gboard, which makes the diverse spelling rules and rules for the tone mark and apostrophes user-friendly through suggestions on top of the keyboard as we are ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to have LINE app Friends sorted in Hanyu Pinyin order?

In Sort contacts by Hanyu Pinyin one manages to sort contacts in Hanyu Pinyin order. Alas, with LINE app Friends it seems there is no way to get other than simple Unicode (radical) sorting.
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2 votes
1 answer

Sort contacts by Hanyu Pinyin

I have tried the Google contacts app, the Samsung contacts app, and the Asus contacts app. Only the latter will sort Chinese contacts in Hanyu Pinyin order, without requiring the entire phone to be ...
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1 vote
0 answers

TalkBack Language Accent

apologies if this has been asked before, but I've tried looking around on various websites but still unable to find any solution or explanation. My father is currently using a OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, he ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How do I factory reset this Chinese device?

I have a Pritom M10 tablet I bought from Amazon a week or so ago, it's essentially a Chinese cheap thing based on the Lenovo M10. However, the audio quality is absolutely awful and that has really put ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Redmi boot screen in Chinese - help

All of sudden when my 'Redmi Note 9' phone was restarted, I somehow landed on a bootscreen menu which is Chinese language. Volume Up key is apparently not working on this screen. And I cannot exit to ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Adding chinese input to Gboard keyboard

How do I enable chinese input to Gboard keyboard? I already have Google Pinyin Input enabled, but when I try to add a keyboard to Gboard, Chinese doesn't show up. When I long click on the keyboard to ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there an official Chinese handwriting input method for Android?

I searched for some page about Chinese handwriting input, but on my Android 7.1, I only see Pinyin, and it shows the following: On some page, such as
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1 vote
1 answer

Text message appears as Chinese Symbols in AT&T [duplicate]

When I send a text with letters (in English) and Emoji's to a friend from my Galaxy S5, she receives text that looks all Chinese. She has a Galaxy S7 and we are both on AT&T
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5 votes
1 answer

Receiving Chinese blocks of texts in the Messaging app

My wife is getting some weird text messages as replies in middle of conversations with her friends. The messages are blocks of Chinese characters. She gets these in the stock messaging app from ...
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