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Google Chrome is a popular browser. Use this tag if your question is about its Android version or issues related to it only

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Ctrl+Click to open in new tab

I use ASUS Transformer with the keyboard attached. In Google Chrome for Android, I would like to use Ctrl+Click to open up a new tab which contains the website where the link is pointing to, just as ...
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Some features of Chrome for Android cause it to crash to the homescreen

I have an LG Optimus 2X P990, which is running Android 4.0.4, ParanoidAndroid ROM. I have downloaded Chrome for Android from the Google Play Store and it works like a charm in some places, but others ...
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Unable to download from an authenticated webserver

On my Galaxy S3 / ICS handset, and also I expect on my previous Galaxy S / Froyo I'm unable to save any links from my web server due to the fact that it requires a user authentication. I can browse ...
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Chrome crashes on Acer Iconia A200

I'm seeing problems identical to this issue, where Chrome either crashes, becomes unresponsive, or the screen goes black if I switch between tabs. Logcat shows: OpenGLRenderer is out of memory ...
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Can I have a "force close a specific app" shortcut on my screen?

My Google Chrome frequently hangs for no apparent reason. Application is active (responding), but tabs are blank and nothing loads... The only solution that I found is to go into Settings -> Apps -&...
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Keepass and Chrome Mobile?

is there a way to use something like ChromeIPass on Android for the Chrome Mobile Browser? I installed the KeepassDroid App but I couldn't figure out a way to integrate it. Greetings, Steven
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10 votes
2 answers

How to fast scroll on Chrome Mobile

I just installed Chrome Mobile on my Galaxy Note (ICS, CM9) and while it has this nice card-like interface, I didn't find how to flick the screen to fast scroll to top or bottom of pages. In other ...
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How can I force Chrome Beta to display in landscape mode?

The default Android internet browser has an option in the settings to always display webpages in landscape orientation. Is there any way to do the same in Chrome Beta? I keep my auto-rotation off, but ...
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Download files with Chrome for Android

Is there a way to download media files directly from the Chrome browser? In the stock Android browser I can long-click a link and select "Save link" to accomplish that, but Chrome doesn't offer that ...
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3 answers

Is there a way to trigger hover behavior in the Chrome Beta browser?

Is there any way to trigger the behavior that usually occurs when a mouse is hovered over an element (for example, hovering over your username at the top of a Stack Overflow site) using the Chrome ...
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What user agent does Chrome Mobile Beta have?

I don't own any Android device and right now nobody is online that I could ask: What's the user agent of the new Chrome Mobile Beta? Could someone visit this site with ...
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Is Google Chrome for Android Beta compatible with the 4.0.3 emulator in the Android SDK?

Is Google Chrome for Android Beta compatible with the Android SDK (Android 4.0.3 system image)? I tried installing the Chrome .apk file and it installed fine. When running the application I can see ...
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Does Chrome Mobile on ICS support extensions?

I saw Google just released the beta for a mobile Chrome browser. They say they brought all the features over from the full browser, or at least they want to. Does anyone have an ICS device with the ...
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