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Chromium is a free and open-source web browser project from which is the base for the Google Chrome web browser. Use this tag only for the Chromium browser. Otherwise, use 'chrome-for-android' tag for its Google Chrome counterpart.

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Syncing Kiwi using 'hard links' into Chrome's data folder

Kiwi Browser has no syncing option, while other Chromium browsers do have. A workaround The idea/hack is to: install another browser (like Chrome Beta), not use it, and hard-wired Kiwi's data into ...
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Chromium randomly cannot load pages

I have a Realme 1 with Android 9. No matter what Chromium I use, sometimes the pages don't load, the loading bar being a bit filled. This happens randomly. It even happens with about:blank. I have ...
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SSL certificate fails only on Chromium browsers in Android

A client of ours has a website that works on most browsers. However, when trying to open it in Chrome (114), Edge (114) or Samsung Internet (21) on Android, there is an error message saying Your ...
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Enable Chromium flags from the shell

In Chromium, command-line options can be enabled by browsing to chrome://flags and setting "Enable command line on non-rooted devices" to "Enabled". However, is there a way to do ...
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Pass flags to Chromium [duplicate]

I've built Chromium from source for arm64. I was reading this page which discusses how to pass flags to Chromium upon startup. It gives the following example: out/Default/bin/content_shell_apk argv -...
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Enable Chrome Tab's Reader View manually

I was read this idea Enable Chrome's Reader View manually, when it isn't offered? To open a web in reader mode using chrome://dom-distiller but then since I want to open it in chrome tab, I ...
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Start Chromium at web page with ActivityManager

I've got Chromium 106 installed on my phone and can successfully launch it via $ adb shell am start -n However, when I try to bring up a ...
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How to change the User Agent string in Edge or Chrome

How can I change the User Agent string in either Edge or Chrome on Android? I found old tutorials suggesting either going to about:debug or about:useragent but neither of these seem to work anymore.
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How to suppress the welcome note and sign-in form on freshly installed chromium(for android) browser startup

I have created a script for modifying the chromium browser's behavior when it starts. If the browser is freshly installed and if anyone opens it for the first time, the user will get a welcome note ...
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Chrome unable to read files from SD card

I have some HTML files in the SD card in my phone, which I want to open in Chrome. But, when I am entering the URL of those files in the Chrome's address bar with the file:/// prefix, Chrome says ...
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Use flags in Chrome command line without root

I'm using Chrome version 74.0.3729.136. My phone is not rooted. I'm trying to use flags in Chrome command line without root. I use the guide from Run Chromium with flags. According to that guide, with ...
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Sign in to Chromium on Android not working

I am trying to sign in to Chromium for Android from my Android phone and it is not working. I am getting the following error message. The account already exists on your device. I tried to delete the ...
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Chromium: Option to save passwords and change encryption greyed out

I am using Chromium build 353428 on PacROM 5.1. After signing in with my Google account, I tried to set a separate sync passphrase (using instructions given here). However, when I click on my account ...
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How does Android WebView Update from Google Play work?

One of the touted features of Android 5 is the updates of WebView through Google Play. The official documents state: The initial release for Android 5.0 includes a version of Chromium for WebView ...
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Run Google Chrome with flags (not from chrome://flags)

There are command line flags (or "switches") that Chromium (and Chrome) accept in order to enable particular features or modify otherwise default functionality. Chromium Command Line ...
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How can I add a custom search engine to Chrome (beta, stable...)?

Call me dumb, but, I don't see an obvious way to do this. I want to add as the main search engine in Google Chrome for Android (beta, stable...)
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Is it possible to install Chromium on Android?

I really like the Chromium browser, it's quite speedy, but I can't find any functioning downloads for Android. All the sites I've tried so far have the following error while trying to install the APK ...
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