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How can I modify the phone model in build.prop to get unsupported apps?

I currently have a rooted HTC Legend. In light of the current Android Market sales, I would love to be able to purchase some of the apps on sale without a compatible handset, since I plan to get a ...
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How does Google Play work out if an app is compatible with my device? [duplicate]

I have one "generic" Android tablet, and often when I come to install and app, Google Play says it's incompatible with my device. It happens even on popular apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, ...
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How to circumvent the market compatibility check?

Sometimes I would like to install some App on my Notion Ink Adam but the Android Market says that my device is not compatible with the App. ATM I simply google for the specific App and search some ...
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How can I find a compatible device for a given app on Play Store?

There was an app (Carrot Fantasy, already removed) that I can't install directly from the Play Store on Android tablets. It does run on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, but I have not yet had any ...
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Can we connect a normal earphone / headphone to a Android device?

Can we connect a normal earphone / headphone (those that we connect to the Desktop PC) to the Android phone or devices? This is because I notice that the one on the left (the original one that come ...
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Smartwatch compatibility

One can get a "cheap smartwatch" (most likely running Nucleos) for EUR 30 or less, a Pebble watch (usually running PebbleOS) for EUR 100 or less, or a watch running android-wear starting at a little ...
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Is NTFS file system supported on Huawei u8160?

I have a Huawei u8160 running Cyanogenmod 7.2 . I have a 500GB portable hard drive which is file system is NTFS , I connected the hard drive using OTG the phone didn't recognize it at all. So I was ...
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If an app is written for Android 2.3 will it run on 2.1?

If an app is written for Android 2.3 will it run on 2.1?
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LG Nexus 4 compatibility Airtel India [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can I use my device on a different carrier? I plan to purchase the LG Nexus 4 from the US on the release date (13th November). The phone claims to be unlocked. But will it be ...
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Compatibility problems with x86 phone?

I have read this and this question and I want to ask for some elaboration. I'm considering buying an x86 phone. I have some questions regarding compatibility issues. I know that the majority of ...
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Ringtones incompatible with custom rom. How to improve compatibility?

I have been using Samsung Galaxy s4 stock firmware up until now. Yesterday I switched to AOKP 4.4.4 (18/10/2014 build) and I've noticed that none of my old ringtones work (12 unrelated ringtones). I ...
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Build.prop modifies okay. But not updates in system (e.g. About Tablet in settings)

I am running Android-x86 4.4 on VirtualBox. Everything works fine. But when I am modifying build.prop (with ES File Explorer or BuildProp Editor) with other manufacturer or model and save it. After ...
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In a dual sim phone, must both sims be used?

I'm looking at getting the Xperia X Performance. It has two slots for SIM cards. Will the phone work alright with only one normal SIM and will all the apps still work ok? A long time ago I red most ...
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