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How can I convert an apk file into an ultra-zip apk without affecting the executability of the android app?

I found out that when I zip the apk with ultra level zip compressor, the file size was effectively reduced. Why didnot developer let that compressed version out like js.minify? How to convert those ...
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How to change the compression and format settings of images taken in 8k+ 64MP on my Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

The Camera App natively supports 64MP and I have read that my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G) may be able to go even higher. I'm taking lots of pictures in 64MP and it's great, but I've noticed an ...
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Is it possible to record MJPEG directly on Android?

Is it possible to record video from an android camera directly as MJPEG? I am interested in MJPEG for quality purposes. I don't want to record video via default android settings and then convert to ...
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Why does android has only one zram but linux distros use many zram equal to the number of cpu cores?

Most android roms have only one zram device [zram0] but linux distros use many zram like zram0, zram1 .... Why is it like that? Does using many zram consumes more power or adds complexity? what's the ...
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How do I improve audio quality when calling with 3rd party apps? (e.g. Messenger, Discord, Zoom, etc.)

When I use apps like Discord, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and Google Meets to call people, it compresses the audio like it would in a normal phone call, even though using those same apps from the ...
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Has android inbuilt support for zip files?

Please try to understand this question carefully before marking this as duplicate. Do the Android OS has inbuilt support for .zip and .rar files ? I am not asking about any third-party software, ...
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Why does my downloaded MP3 files need to be unziped?

I don't know why, but for some reason, the google music don't play them directly, everytime, it opens winRAR on my Nexus 5X then plays it. This only happens to the mp3 that I downloaded from internet,...
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Is it safe to use compression for nandroids (backups) created by custom recoveries?

Many custom recoveries, like TWRP, have an option to use compression when creating nandroid backups. By default, this option is typically disabled. Is it safe to use the compression option? Are the ...
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