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How supercookies works in Android?

I would like to know if there is a cookie pool where several companies can query within Android so that it can store supercookie. Or if it is site specific. The foundation of this question was an ...
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Android Chrome cookies all suddenly disappeared

This morning all the cookies seem to have disappeared from Chrome on my 'phone. When I log in again they stay, so it's not a bug or settings problem I think. They definitely have not all expired at ...
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What are the privacy implications of apps that use Android System WebView?

From what I've researched, Android System WebView supports cookies and HTML5 local storage. When do those cookies and local storage items get cleared? For example, Samsung Messenger (Samsung's ...
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Disabling android built-in launcher

Can I ask If what will be the effects if I will Disable my Built-in android launcher and replace with the launcher that I have downloaded??
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Cookie Alert on Android

Is there a way to block eu cookie alert on android? Tried Adblock browser - no luck. and i am using a cookie alert blocker on PC, which doesn't work on Android.
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How to hide cookie warnings in Chrome for Android?

On Chrome for desktop I use the extension "I Don't Care About Cookies" to hide cookie warnings that I personally don't care for. I'd like to do something similar in Chrome for Android. I've tried ...
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Delete ALL cookies in Android Chrome

Running Chrome 60.0.3112.116 on Android 7.1.1 I tried to remove all cookies from the browser using the Clear Data button provided in Advanced tab of Chrome's Privacy Settings (selected All Time to ...
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Android 6.0: Where are the cookies of a native Android browser stored?

I have a phone with Android 6.0. I'm trying to download the cookies file of a native browser. For Android 4.4 version the valid path is: /data/data/com.Android.browser/database/...
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Allow usage of SID and LSID cookies in Android browser

I have a fresh Android 5.1 phone with two separate Google accounts already configured. I just started up the Android Browser and got a confirmation dialog about whether I want to allow Google to use ...
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Import Cookies from Google Chrome Mobile to another Mobile browser

I would like to know that is there anyway I can import cookies from Android version of Google Chrome to any other mobile browser (on the same device)? Just like when we install Firefox/Opera/Chrome ...
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How to enable cookies and JavaScript on an android phone?

While trying to login my Hackerearth account it put up a disclaimer that my cookies are disabled.Plus many times,many web pages tell me the same thing,and yeah,also ask me to enable JavaScript on my ...
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How can I clear individual cookies on firefox?

For a specific website, I clicked on "Show desktop version" link. Unfortunately the desktop version is so broken I cannot use it even to click on "Mobile version" link. Because the website remembers ...
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Disable cookies for specific sites in Firefox

Firefox on my PC allows me top disable cookies for specific sites by clicking on the website's icon. When cookies are disabled generally, I can enable them the same way in the menu behind the icon. ...
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