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0 votes
1 answer

adb-sync along with rsync for fastest way to backup gigabytes of media & photos file to HDD disk regularly

I have a 512GB Android phone with 150GB+ 15k+ photos and videos. Step 1. On my Macbook, I used better-adb-sync with a USB cable and debugging enabled to copy a large amount of files from my phone to ...
1 vote
0 answers

copy to android clipboard in nvim from termux

I use neovim on termux on android 11 i commonly use :y to yank/copy text to nvim clipboard then paste it to another files recently I've tried using helix-editor(hx) looks and feels so similar to ...
1 vote
1 answer

Google keep: Copying image from one note to another

I am using Google keep on an Android 11 device. I am wondering how I can copy an image in Google keep from one Google keep note to another. How can I do this? I'm asking because I received an image ...
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0 answers

How to stop automatic copying to usb flashdrive

I have a OnePlus Nord N20 running android 11. Whenever I plug a flashdrive in, It dumps a bunch of empty folders onto the flashdrive. Alarms, Android, Audiobooks, DCIM, Documents etc. Does anyone know ...