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4 answers

What Percentage of Android Devices Runs on x86 Architecture?

This question might be redundant or a possible duplicate, but I use an NDK library that runs only on ARM devices. Is there a way I could know what percentage of Android devices my app can support ...
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How is the market divided between Android CPU architectures?

There is a very similar question on this site but it is outdated and contains no/outdated statistical sources. I want to know how is the market divided between arm64-v7a, arm64-v8a, armeabi (I know it'...
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0 answers

CPU usage by app on Android 8

My Samsung S7 is seriously overheated. Battery is being consumed super quickly. I need to see a simple list of applications with percentage of CPU usage. I am desperate because all attempts and ...
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7 answers

CPU-Z shows 8 cores, but 4 of them are stopped

I am using CPU-Z to test basic things about the J7. It reports an Exynos Octa 7580, 8 cores, 8x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.5GHz, r0p3, 28 nm. At all times that I checked, only cores 0-3 are active, and cores ...
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Why doesn't BOINC use the CPU power fully on my Huawei P9 lite?

I installed BOINC on my Huawei P9 lite. model VNS-L31 build VNS-L31C432B414 Android 7.0 (stock) CPU Kirin 650 RAM 3 GiB I want the phone to run BOINC applications, when fully charged and connected ...
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Using phone's computing power to assist in PC's calculation

Is phone cluster or cluster with PC and phones possible? I was thinking if recoding MOSIX or using any other program/software to connect your phone with PC and let the PC use phone's computing power ...
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Android CPU usage: What do the red, green and purple bars and the numbers mean?

The Internet as a truckload of myths about this. Today, it is time to bust the myths. When the CPU usage bars that can be enabled in the developer options are being displayed, there is a list of ...
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