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A data plan is part of the service that mobile operators offer to give you connectivity anywhere under the sky.

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Trying to mimic data usage through certain apps

my current data plan has unlimited usage for only certain apps; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. Any other form of data usage isn't unlimited taking ...
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Removing app from data calculation

I have a subscription that makes Spotify not count towards my data cap. Thing is, when I go in my data usage calculations on my phone, it still is counted. Any way to remove an app from the data cap ...
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AFWall+ is not blocking apps

I've used AFWall+ to block Weather Services Pro from using my data plan, but My Data Manager app still shows it in the top 3 of data plan use. Is there some background process using data that isn't ...
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saving route while still connected to wifi

In Google Maps is there a way to save a route while you're still connected to wifi so that it saves your data plan? Does scrolling through the map while still connected to wifi help because then the ...
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Block all connections except a single host server ? (block by server not by app)

My mobile company offers a free package for facebook with unlimited bandwidth , however when I open my 3G connection the mobile automatically connects to unknown servers (maybe google) and the mobile ...
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Firefox for Android: blocking images?

I would like to prevent Firefox from loading images, due to 3g data limit. I was googling for an anwser, but it seems that option is not available, and, to my surprise, I did not find any posts ...
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Android OS (ICS) consumes more data in background in Funbook

I bought Micromax Funbook P3000 (All Winner A10-based clone) one month back and I have a 3G USB Dongle (Tata Photon+), I have a 10 GB plan, in that 5GB was used by Android OS itself. How to stop this ...
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Monitoring phone usage and limits

I have 100 minutes of free talk every week, 25 free SMS every week and 2GB of Internet data usage in a month. Nothing alerts me when one of these thresholds has been exceeded. Is there any way to ...
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Is it possible for my mobile carrier to track my wifi usage and bill me accordingly?

I watch a lot of inspiration videos from TED ( on my new Galaxy S2 phone. However, I only do this when I am at home and can access my home wifi network. My home wifi and the phone's 3G ...
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Can I use (via wifi only) my original VZW Droid without a voice or data plan?

I have a situation similar to Can I use an Android phone without an Internet access plan? but with one key difference, I don't even want to use it as a phone. Just a PDA. I have an original VZW droid,...
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How do I disable data on my ics xoom LTE?

I have a xoom LTE from Verizon but do not currently have a data plan. After getting the ics update I went into settings and unchecked mobile data. I have no reason to believe that I am using ...
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How to port a SIM card to an Android phone

The procedure for porting a SIM card from a pay-as-you-go phone to an iPhone 4 is well documented (example 1, example 2, config tool for iOS 5). This is a nice option for people mostly on WiFi who use ...
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Does the myTouch 4g Slide require a data plan? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Smartphone without the expensive data plan I was wondering because I was going to get it but I can not afford the data plan and needed to know. Thank you in advance!
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How can I disable cellular data on an Android device?

Can I easily disable cellular data on an Android device and just use Wi-Fi? Does this change based on whether or not I have root on the device?
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Prepaid plans or cards for Android PHONES?

I need to access the Web via my Android phone's cell radio only occasionally. Therefore, I am not interested in a monthly plan (and certainly not in a 2-year minimum contract). I thought that finding ...
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How To T-mobile Web Day Pass on Non T-Mobile Device?

I have a Pay As You Go SIM card on my Nexus One which works great for voice calls but I don't really know how to use it for T-mobile's $1.49 Web Day Pass. I called T-Mobile's customer support but ...
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Strange data plan speed on Nexus S

I have a Nexus S and a GPRS plan activated, from what customer services of my mobile carrier have told me is that GPRS will give you max of 10-15 kB/s download speed. In my Nexus S if i don't select "...
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How can I manage/track the data use on a HTC Inspire? [duplicate]

I thought this would be a popular question but couldn't find it here so if you do please let me know. My mother just got a new HTC Inspire and is brand new to using a data plan. Since she is worried ...
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Can I use a modern Android phone with no phone plan?

I'm new to the Android platform, but am looking into doing some development for Android 2.x, with the hope of publishing an app to the Android App Market eventually. I'd like to be able to test my ...
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