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Questions tagged [daydream]

A feature introduced in Jelly Bean 4.2 which consists in activities to show as screensaver when device is idle or docked.

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Daydream goes to standby when touched

My Nexus 4 runs Android 4.4 and is set to use the standard "Clock" daydream while charging. It has no screen lock. This works fine so far. Expected: I would expect the screen to wake up when I touch ...
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Use "Lock Screen" as Daydream option

maybe its too simple a question, but I need to figure out how I can just use my lock-screen as daydream option for an android lollipop device. What I want is to see the normal lock screen while ...
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Keep daydream even when not charging

I'm using an old Wileyfox Swift as bedside clock, with FsClock-Android running as DayDream service showing the time. To give the battery a long life, I prevent it from charging more than 80% via ...
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How do I sign in to google without compromising password?

I've got a Lenovo Solo VR headset. I've got a long, randomly generated password for my google account that is pretty much impossible to memorize without an eidetic memory. If you remove the goggles to ...
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How to disable "dreams" system service

Some Android users often complain about some system service constantly executing, so just want to get rid of it at any cost to avoid battery drain. In my scenario it's DreamManagerService which is ...
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Daydream turns off screen when tapped

I have a daydream enabled, and I have enabled the setting "When to daydream"->"When charging". The daydream starts and displays as expected, but when I tap on the screen to read my notifications, the ...'s user avatar
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Mobile VR headsets: hardware or software?

Does the Google Daydream View headset contain any electronic hardware/software components it it? If so, what are their roles? Same question but for the Samsung Gear VR. The Gear VR has a label on its ...
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