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Disable default SMS app on OnePlus

I'm trying to debranch my phone from OnePlus and Google as much as possible. In the last few days, I removed some packages and replaced them with FOSS & trusted companies' apps. I'm stuck though......
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How to disable app background data usage via adb without root

I'm trying to disable unnecessary apps and their background data usage on an Android 10 device, using the following commands: adb shell appops set package_name RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore adb shell ...
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backend components for SMS on Oxygen

I took off all google apps and oxygen telemetry using root, but apparently I also took off something important. I'm now receiving all SMS about half an hour late and I can't send any. This problem ...
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Silence or disable Lenovo user experience spyware notifications without root

I am trying to disable "Lenovo User Experience" notification that pops up every ~4h. I linked some info below on the specific issue which is also probably illegal in the EU, but obviously ...
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How to uninstall default Samsung Dialer + Contacts + Call apps

I am Samsung One UI 3.1, Android 11 (no custom ROM/GSI, no root). I removed default Google apps and I also want to uninstall default Samsung Dialer + Phone + Call + Contacts apps via ADB after ...
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Can I delete old trichrome library under /data/app?

I have around 50 trichrome library folders in /data/app using around 3 gb. What varies is the alphanumeric string after the package name denoting version:
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