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Galaxy Tab S7plus DeX via USB-C to Dell Ultrasharp can only mirror?

When I connect a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7plus via Dell-provided USB-C cable to a USB-C UltraSharp 4K monitor, the Tab just mirrors its native display to the Dell. I can switch it to DeX, but it is still ...
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8 Ball Pool (Miniclip) on Android x86

I'm using Android x86 emulator on a Dell Vostro 3500. I installed 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip When I try to run the app, I get a message saying I need 20mb additional space before I can continue, but that'...
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Unlock bootloader on Dell Venue 10 5050

I have a bricked Dell tablet that doesn't boot and also a has locked bootloader (Secure Boot: Enable). I've made a full partition dd backup, but now I cannot flash it via fastboot supposedly because ...
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dell streak mini 5 upgrade os to v3 or above [duplicate]

Is it possible to upgrade a dell streak mini5? android operating system to v3 or above please? if so how?
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Question about Volume Booster App

This is on a Dell Venue Tablet. The multimedia volume on the tablet was very very low from the time of purchase. I installed an app called Volume Booster - the app ran & said it has increased the ...
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How do I root my Dell Venue 3830 tablet?

I went here: and did all this successfully:
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Android x86 on DELL INSPIRON 1501

I can't run android-x86 (4.4 RC2) on my notebook (dell inspiron 1501) well the first problem is : Graphics : Radeon Xpress 200M my /proc/fb : 0 ATI Radeon 5975 I can use at most 1024x768x16 (vga = ...