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How can I do development on my Android device?

I have a pretty long commute to work and own an android phone. I figure it would be nice to do some simple programming on the way. I'm not picky on which language to code on. I usually have an ...
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Is it possible to program on a Honeycomb tablet? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I do development on my Android device? I was wondering if there are apps making it possible to program on an Android tablet? I know it's not the best "work tool" out ...
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How to use -net-tap with android sdk emulator?

I am trying to create a bridge between android emulator (from android sdk) and host system using -net-tap. Is there any working manual for that case? I have tried to launch emulator with -net-tap tap0 ...
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How to use Visual Studio Code on an Android device?

I have Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and it has cool features to replace laptops, but it is unfortunately running Android OS, and not many development apps are available for Android. Is there an option to run ...
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learning then mastering and using Android for a Linux "guru" using the command line? [closed]

I am a 60-year old Linux guru: coding Bismon (documented here) and using and coding on Unix since 1987 (SunOS3.2) and Linux since 1993 (but I never used Windows, and very probably never will). Of ...
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What programming languages are used in Android OS development?

I know we can develop Android apps in Java and also that the base of Android is Linux. However, I don't know what programming languages are used in the Android Open Source Project. I try to find out ...
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