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full adb restore not restoring [unencrypted] .ab file to bootloader unlocked Lineage device

This is a follow-up troubleshooting question to this one here in this very same forum. After repeatedly confirming the connection through both of adb devices -l and fastboot devices -l tantamounting ...
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Migrate Between Different Phones with Apps & Data on MicroSDHC

Attempting my first migration between two phones with different Android versions has got me very confused. All my apps and data are currently working and complete on an Android 4.4 phone. Internal ...
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moving whatsapp data from Android 4 to Android 13

As you probably know (, Whatsapp is not going to support Android 4 phones from 23rd of October this year; the minimum supported Android version will be 5.0 I ...
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How do I add my existing audio notes to the Google Recorder app on my Pixel 7 Pro?

I used audio notes extensively on my old Samsung phone. Now I'm migrating to a Pixel 7 pro and I love the Google Recorder app which is only available on Pixel phones. It has live transcription and ...
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Is it possible to switch to a new phone with all data?

How do I switch to a new phone transferring all data (without root access)? All data means (at most): Files and folders (including some hidden files, like browser's cookies) Apps and their data ...
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Is there some way to move apps and settings from an Android phone to another?

Is there some way to move apps and settings from an Android phone to another? I remember I could open Google Store in a webpage in computer, and then see what apps are installed on a phone, and ...
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How to check existing Android Exchange Domain settings?

I am installing my wife's new phone using Samsung Smart Switch. It nicely installs all apps, including Outlook, however it does not copy the account settings for her Exchange mail. I know her Outlook ...
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Migrating my data to a new MIUI Android phone

I'm switching from a Xiaomi RedMi 3S phone (Android 6.0.1) to a MI 9 SE which I just got. None of the phones are rooted. I don't have a Google account, nor a "Xiaomi account" - but like any ...
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Port MessagEase Macro to new device

I have a new phone and a lot of MessagEase on my old phone. Unfortunately, they haven't been transferred with the default process to migrate to a new device. Is there another way to port them over ...
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Migrate (nearly) everything from Android 7.0 to Android 6.0 on Lenovo Moto

tl;dr: I've migrated my system to other phone dozens of times in the past and everything always worked like a charm. But migration was always between Androids of the same same version. Now, I've ...
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How can I migrate my Palm OS memos over to Simplenote?

There's an old PDA/smartphone operating system named "Palm OS". It's included with PalmPilot, Palm, Visor, Tungsten, Zire, Treo, and Centro devices. One of the apps which comes with a Palm OS device ...
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How do I transfer game save data between two phones?

I recently switched from a Nokia XR20 to an ASUS Zenfone 8. After transferring my data with the ASUS Data Transfer app, I noticed my progress for the game Dicey Dungeons did not carry over. How do I ...
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Transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android

I want to move my WhatsApp messages from my iPhone 5c to my OnePlus Nord N200 5G running Android 12. I've been running WhatsApp in an iPhone 5c with iOS, which is the last iOS version for this iPhone. ...
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Why Mi Mover doesn't move apps but samsung smart switch can?

I move all apps to mi mover. Some apps are moved Another apps have a message "not installed" This is weird. The whole point of using mi mover is so I don't have to reinstall all those apps ...
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How to transfer Apps using Samsung Switch?

I am trying to use Samsung's "Smart Switch" to transfer apps from an old phone to a new phone (both Samsung S9's, both running Android v10). I followed the directions carefully but not all ...
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How do I transfer my data? I am giving my phone in exchange

I have bought a Redmi Note 5 on Flipkart and I have a Micromax Canvas Nitro 2 with Android 4.0.4 which I am giving in exchange. How do I transfer my data without taking too long?
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How to move App Data from rooted Gingerbread to unrooted KitKat?

I want to move App Data of some apps from my rooted Galaxy S (Gingerbread 2.3.5) to unrooted Nexus 7 G1 (KitKat 4.4.2) & I don't want to root my Nexus 7. So, Titanium Backup restore on Nexus 7 isn'...
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