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Change Device Name on Family Link Device

I'm wondering how to change a device name for a device/account supervised by Family Link. I've changed the actual device name in the devices settings but the device name that shows up in Google / ...
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How to use setprop via adb shell in recovery?

I messed up flashing a beta Android Q build on my phone. After that, I can't flash my stable ROM without error 7 in TWRP - device mismatch. Removing the assert works, but not a permanent solution. ...
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How to get device name like "whyred" for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5?

For custom ROMs like LineageOS, the more specific device names are used. So e.g. the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is called whyred or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge goes hero2lte. Having some experience in Android and ...
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change device-model without root

i want to change the device-modell of a non-rooted device. is there ANY way to do it (that doesnt involve rooting)? maybe also an app that sends that the device is compatible.
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Change android name from "android-..." [closed]

I have many android devices connected to my network but they are all showing as android-[string of hexacecimal]. My OnePlus 3t (v7.1.1) is one of the devices. I have changed the name of the device ...
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How to change wifi device name on Android 7?

How can I change the device name of an unrooted Android 7.0-based Gigaset GS170 smartphone so it appears with a meaningful/readable name e.g. in a router's list of connected wifi devices? Various ...
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What's the logical name for Android's native GPS interface?

I'm trying to identify and locate the /dev/ pseudo-file that corresponds to the onboard, hardware GPS devices; installed in most modern Android smartphones, and tablets. I know that it probably varies ...
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How to fake my android - Zuk-Z1 to look like Nexus 5x/ 6p

How to fake my android - Zuk-Z1 to look like Nexus 5x/ 6p My office has a policy only to allow email and calendar over Gmail native app on Nexus 5/ 6/ 5x/ 6P devices with latest factory Rom. I just ...
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How to know the model name of one device name and vice versa?

Let's say we have Nexus 7 2013 tablet which has model name to be NEXUS7-2B32. I have difficulties in choosing the device items on ebay - the right model to buy only came from model name, not from the ...
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