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10 answers

Drive letter for MTP connection under Windows

In Android 3.0, the connection to the PC as a Mass Storage Controller feature was removed. Is there a way to access the MTP-mounted phone as a drive letter? I want standard file manager programs (e.g. ...
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1 answer

Android 6.0.1 Mysterious "Videos" Taking Up Space

I have been made confused by the Storage Info of my phone since it shows 3.16 GB of videos took up my internal space. But then I checked, the videos not even passed 250 MB in total size. Can't seem ...
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19 votes
1 answer

How do you test the disk integrity of your Android tablet's file system?

My Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is rather new (only a few months old), but I'm worried that it might be starting to contain some disk errors. I just got a "Cannot read page from file system trouble ahead" ...
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How do I mount an external disk drive formatted in ext4 via USB Host?

I plugged a 2.5 inch 1Tb drive into a Nexus 10 and I cannot see it anywhere really. Something pops up in ES File Explorer, but I cannot access the drive. Do I have to root my device, or is there some ...
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