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With the Pixel 2 supporting USB Audio Class 1/2/3, which USB audio devices work? Or *don't* work?!topic/phone-by-google/Yvy0RfOPFfU Pixel 2 supports audio adapters and headsets that communicate digitally over USB-C as defined by USB Audio Class 1/2/3. ...
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Handcent or other messaging app to display undread badge on dock

Now I love the standard messaging app as much as anyone (or a little less, perhaps). But I've decided to try out Handcent. Problem is, up until this point I've kept the default SMS-app that comes ...
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Lower Menu shortcuts disappeared

I use a Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 model phone with latest version of Gingerbread on it. I recently started to experience this problem. The shortcut menus on the lower bar have some how disappeared. ...
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How to show text on dock icons, Android 5.1.1?

How to show text on dock icons, Android 5.1.1? Android 5.1.1 CyanogenMod: 12.1-20151230-NIGHTLY-maserati Searched all over and can't find a solution:
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