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What is an Android dock? When is a phone considered "docked"?

In Android's "daydream" settings, you can set "When to daydream" to "While docked" or "While charging." What does "Docked" mean? The only products I've seen that are sold as android "docks" are just ...
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With the Pixel 2 supporting USB Audio Class 1/2/3, which USB audio devices work? Or *don't* work?!topic/phone-by-google/Yvy0RfOPFfU Pixel 2 supports audio adapters and headsets that communicate digitally over USB-C as defined by USB Audio Class 1/2/3. ...
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Handcent or other messaging app to display undread badge on dock

Now I love the standard messaging app as much as anyone (or a little less, perhaps). But I've decided to try out Handcent. Problem is, up until this point I've kept the default SMS-app that comes ...
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Lower Menu shortcuts disappeared

I use a Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 model phone with latest version of Gingerbread on it. I recently started to experience this problem. The shortcut menus on the lower bar have some how disappeared. ...
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Easiest way to automatically pause music when removing device from Dock?

I'd like the music on my Droid 4 to automatically pause when I pull the thing out of the dock, no matter what. I don't need it to auto-play again later, just go to pause and stay there. What's the ...
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How to show text on dock icons, Android 5.1.1?

How to show text on dock icons, Android 5.1.1? Android 5.1.1 CyanogenMod: 12.1-20151230-NIGHTLY-maserati Searched all over and can't find a solution:
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