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A docking station is a platform into which you can install a portable computer. The docking station typically contains slots for expansion cards, bays for storage devices, and connectors for peripheral devices, such as printers and monitors.

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Disable vibration of the phone, but leave it on smartwatch

I'm trying to figure out the best setting for my Android 5.1 phone during my working hours. When I'm at my workplace, my phone is constantly docked and in set to the Priority mode (this is automatic)....
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How to connect a different phone to the "Nexus One Desktop Dock"

The original HTC/Google Nexus One Desktop Dock is a bluetooth device and has audio line out. I would love to still be able to use this with my new phone. Anyone know how to connect this with a Galaxy ...
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How does the HTC Sensation know it's in a dock?

I like hacking stuff together and my next project I'd like to make my own dock for my HTC Sensation. It's a fairly simple project, but the bit I can't work out is how the Sensation knows it's in a ...
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Galaxy tab charging dock stops charging when USB device is attached

I recently bought this charging dock by Brodit for my Samsung Galaxy Active 2 (v. 3.9.0) with Android 9: I was hoping to constantly keep the tablet ...
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Is there a way to connect a physical mouse, keyboard, and monitor to GS4 at the same time?

I have seen some other questions but the answers are not helpful in my situation for various reasons. I am trying to recover contacts, pictures, etc. from someone's Galaxy S4 that they did not have ...
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How can I force-disable all dock detection/HDMI connectivity?

Context: I have a RAZR MAXX XT912 with 4.1.2 (3.0.8-gbacb1cf). As soon as I wake it for any reason, it immediately acts as if it is connected via HDMI, despite the fact that no cable is connected. ...
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Asus Transformer TF101 keyboard not working when docked

I have an Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF101 Android tablet and docking station. It came with Android v3.2 installed, and I have since then upgraded OTA to 4.0. I haven't used the dock much but it used ...
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Make a docked phone on a stand showing inbox

How do I make my Android phone on the stand show my inbox (Gmail, mobile website, or even the Outlook app if need be)? While I'm working, I like having my entire computer dedicated to that, probably a ...
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