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Questions tagged [document-scanner]

Document scanning is the process of converting a physical document into a digital format.

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CamScanner A4 vs Letter pdf?

After I scan a document with the app CamScanner, how do I export it to a letter-sized pdf? When I share to my dropbox as pdf, it uses A4 dimensions and I can't figure out where the setting for this is....
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Adobe Acrobat Reader's scanner produces blue image [closed]

I just scanned an white sheet of paper with the scanner in the Adobe Acrobat Reader app and I got a blue hued image. I tried changing the scanned image to original and I still got a blue image. I ...
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Scanning Evernote and sharing by email

Is it possible to use the Android app Evernote to scan several images, then save them as a single PDF, and share the PDF by email, without requiring the recipient to have an Evernote account? I ...
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Is there an way to access a shared (networked) scanner on android?

I recently purchased a networked multifunction machine, and I was excited about its ability to scan via handheld devices using Epson's iPrint. Since I'm keeping the device in a different room from my ...
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CamScanner - how to get image instead of PDF

I run CamScanner 3.2. In earlier versions, it used to save the image as a JPG (or PNG, don't remember), but with the latest version, it always seems to save as a PDF. I couldn't find any setting to ...
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How do take good close shot photos of documents

One of the purposes of my phone investment is to quickly take photos of documents. I find this difficult. When I hold it with my hand it takes a long time to get “focused”. I have a Notes 3. ...
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Scanning with Android

There are a few apps that seems to act like document scanners? How do they work? Is it more than a lot of posprocessing of one shot? Are they actually "scanning" or utilizing more several shots? ...
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Scanning receipts for paperless environment

I'm using my Android device to scan receipts for warranty receipts, or for expensive stuffs. I'm uploading the receipts to Google Drive which works well, except that it's a long process to scanning ...
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Is there a portable scanner connect to an android phone?

I dont know whether my question is right to ask here. please advise me if I need to ask this kind of question at other areas. I am investigating to find a right portable scanner to connect with an ...
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