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Questions tagged [documentation]

Use this tag only for questions about the documentation for Android OS. For document files, please use [documents] instead. Please don't use this tag just to document something.

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10 votes
3 answers

Where can I find a thorough introduction to Android?

I recently bought an Android product (HOTT MD500), with no English-language manual. I've used Linux for more than 10 years, so I generally have no difficulty adapting to various interface changes, but ...
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1 vote
0 answers

List of all actions protected by given permission

I am supposed to perform static analysis of an APK that has a lot of permissions requested in the Manifest. I would like to find out whether all the permissions requested are really needed by the app ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Android Jelly Bean help or user manual

Can I get inline help with functionality in my Android device? For example, my good old Nokia had a help feature, with which after selecting an item for a few seconds, it used to display the ...
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Map human-readable permissions to actual permissions (android reference documentation)

How can I find out exactly what permissions qualify for a given "human readable" permission listed in a given app's App Info in the Android UI? If I open a given App info for an app ...
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