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Doogee is a brand that specializes in rugged Android phones.

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No setting to set default home app on Doogee Y9 Plus

I have an old Android 9 (it's a Doogee Y9 Plus) device on which I would like to set Nova Launcher as the default home app, but there doesn't seem to be a way to set it through the device's settings. ...
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Can Doogee Y9 Plus run AR apps?

I have recently bought a Doogee Y9 Plus. As I found out, the phone does not have a compass or gyroscope. I wanted to ask if the phone could still use AR apps. The phone isn't rooted, but I might even ...
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Can't hide/change battery icon on Doogee S60

I'm using a Doogee S60, on Android 7.0 Nougat, rooted, with Xposed and GravityBox installed. I'm seeing this weird issue where my status bar has a non-standard battery icon, and I can't seem to either ...
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How to lower global media volume of Doogee X30?

I have a Doogee X30 on Android 7.0. Even on the lowest media volume (slider on first non-silent stop), the output is way too loud. I am trying to lower the value of a media slider's starting point (...
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Compass not working on Doogee T6

I have a new smartphone: Doogee T6. According to Sensor Box, it has both a magnetic sensor and an accelerometer sensor. My installed spirit level works fine, but no compass app seems to work. Any ...
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