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doubleTwist Player is a free download with an optional in-app upgrade to doubleTwist Pro that unlocks AirSync, AirPlay to Apple TV, podcast management, EQ and album art search.

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Music Manager(s) cannot find certain album

I recently added a new album on my phone and my music manager (neither doubleTwist or the system music app) have indexed it. (Failed) Attempts I have tried deleting the whole album and re-uploading ...
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Where should I put Music files?

I've used BitTorrent Sync to copy my music library to /storage/emulated/0/Music/ preserving the structure I use everywhere else, but no playback application seems to be finding the music. Where ...
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First time with Android, need help with adding media

For Christmas this year I am getting a 16GB (really 10.6 GB) Galaxy Note II, which will be my first Android device after having a slew of iDevices. I have ~12 GB of music in iTunes and Google Music, ...
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DoubleTwist sync fails after Froyo Update

I updated my Galaxy S Captivate on Rogers to Froyo last week. Debating whether the upgrade was worth it or not. There is one thing that's been really irking me since I did the upgrade: DoubleTwist no ...
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Why is DoubleTwist launching and playing when I remove the headphones?

I can't figure this out. It appears that if I'm using Google Listen, and I remove the headphones from the jack, Listen automatically pauses (which I expect). But then DoubleTwist launches, chooses an ...
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