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Use this tag if your question pertains to Doze mode battery saving feature of Android Marshmallow and above. Doze mode should not be confused with doze modes of Ambient display setting. Both are altogether different features.

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Suspend android: Alternatives that get close?

So, I have this Galaxy S6 running LineageOS 17.1, and I plan to use this device in my car as a head unit. I've set up everithing so that android auto (using HUR) auto-launches and connects to my phone,...
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Is `device_idle_constants` deprecated in Android 12?

Recently I've been trying to optimize the doze settings for my device. I found many guides that date back to 2015/16. All of them say something similar: To change a deviceidle setting, I have to input ...
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Android 10: unable to change AppStandbyBucket status for any apps

I have two OnePlus 7Pro devices, both running OOS 10.3.8 and both rooted. On one of these devices, I can go to Settings=>System=>Developer options=>Standby apps, and in the resulting list of ...
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Disable power saving mode for WebView on Android 9

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 (SM-T390) tablet with Android 9 and One UI 1.1 and the latest available updates. An app with an WebView looses connection after about six minutes of standby. I ...
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When does an app go into deep sleep?

I have a Samsung S20FE (Android 11 + OneUI 3.1). I was learning about the different battery optimization settings. I think I have a good understanding of Android's Doze mode. Now, I've seen there is (...
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Android 11 October Security Update drastically drains idle battery usage

EDIT Ever since I installed the latest security patch available for my Phone (October 5 patch), there has been insane idle battery usage. More like 1% dropping sequentially whenever I'm sleeping It's ...
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Keep WiFi running when screen is off and phone is locked (streaming with black screen, battery saving, newpipe, podcasts)

How do I keep my WiFi running when my phone's screen is off and locked? Facts: The biggest battery drain is my screen usage WiFi uses your battery, but not nearly as badly as the screen I use my ...
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Apps like Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. whitelisted from Doze mode on Samsung without asking

I noticed that some applications are whitelisted from doze-mode on samsung devices without having ever asked the user. I tested this on a galaxy s8, galaxy A5 2016, 2017 all running android 7.0 or 7.1....
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WiFi goes to sleep when device asleep

On my Samsung Galaxy S7, whenever the device goes to sleep, the Wifi goes to sleep as well. Meaning: * If I'm connected to a WiFi network and the device is idle for about 10 minutes (tested it), the ...
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Difference between "unmonitored apps" and mDeviceIdleWhitelist

I've got a Galaxy S8 and have come across an interesting situation. Now, either something strange is going on, or I've got no clue how it actually works! I've downloaded an FTP Server app on my phone ...
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Smart Lock unreliable/not working with NFC tag?

I’ve been trying to get Smart Lock to work on my Android device (OnePlus One on Cyanogen OS 13.1.2, i. e. Android 6.0.1/“Marshmallow”). I’ve configured an NFC tag as a trusted device and want to ...
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Change keyboard input on ultra power saving

I own a gallaxy s5. And my battery really sucks so I often switch to ultra power saving mode. I type a lot and I don't really like the default Samsung keyboard. I want to change the default to ...
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How does WhatsApp get around Doze

Almost all the posts I saw imply that WhatsApp does not use GCM. Instead, it uses two sockets to communicate using FunXMPP. Then how is the App active on Marshmallow even in Doze mode ? I don't ...
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Doze behaviour on Nougat (7.0.)

Doze behaviour has been changed in Nougat. Doze is implemented in two stages When a device is on battery power, and the screen has been off for a certain time, the device enters Doze and applies the ...
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Android Doze drops Wifi regardless of optimalization settings

My LG G3 with Android 6.0 uses the built in Doze mode to save some battery. At the first setup, I set applications to ignore Doze mode (like chat apps, Gmail, Viber etc.). I also set the "app" called ...
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SleepBot includes a "smart alarm" feature which has been failing on Android 6.x "Marshmallow" due to "Doze" mode. What's the workaround?

Background SleepBot is a freeware sleep-tracking app. It includes a "smart alarm" feature which claims to help prevent early-morning grogginess and sleep inertia. There are other competing free apps,...
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Difference between Doze Mode and Sleep Mode in Android Marshmallow

Prior to Android M there was something called sleep mode in Android. With Android M Google introduced the so called Doze Mode. Can anyone please elaborate the difference between these modes?
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How to make Google Play services and other default white-listed system apps Doze?

Assume that I'm a user who doesn't like some system apps being automatically white-listed under Battery optimization settings and immune from battery optimization or is fed up with Play services ...
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Why Google play services not included in Doze mode

I'm using Nexus 5 and 6P, Android 6 having a feature called "Battery optimization mode" or Doze mode (in short). It is allowing apps not to run, if they aren't used to avoid battery consumption. ...
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Why would Doze feature need motion detection?

I do not see any reason mentioned by Google for Doze mode to get activated only when the device is stationary. Is there any specific advantage for doing this only when the device is stationary? What ...
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